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What should we look for in deodorant packaging?

First, we should know what is eco-friendly packaging and why it is important for your sales.

By definition, eco-friendly packaging is any packaging that’s easy to recycle, safe for individuals and the environment, and is made out of recycled materials. It uses materials and manufacturing practices with minimal impact on energy consumption and natural resources.

Revolutionary packaging method is beneficial to our planet as a whole.

●It is made out of materials that are healthy, recyclable or biodegradable.

●Eco-packaging is physically designed to optimize materials and energy, all-in-one zero waste green packaging

●Manufacturing process tends to be more efficient, reducing precious resources and optimize recycled or renewable source materials

A study revealed that sustainable packaging can help brand owners increase their net sales by about 2 to 4 per cent.  Why we should embrace the new trend of our deodorant packaging into sustainability?

●Improve your brand image.

●Cut back on the packaging-related expense

Glass bottles and cardboard box packaging are often recyclable but plastic cellophane and pumps aren’t. Thankfully, more and more brands making efforts to lessen the environmental impact through refillable bottles and eco-friendly boxes.

Is there any example of innovative plastic-free deodorant packaging?

Procter & Gamble deodorant has announced that beginning this May at 500 Walmart stores in the U.S., both Old Spice and Secret brand deodorants will be introduced in all-cardboard, plastic-free, tube packages, as their goal of, by 2030, is to use 100% recyclable or reusable packaging while cutting petroleum-based plastic by 50%.

So, you will concern about precise details about deodorant tube packaging: What it is information about deodorant cardboard tube? How it is made? How it is filled?

The details of pushup paper tube package:

●The paper tube is made of 90% recycled or recyclable paper certificated by FSC. [Forest Stewardship  Council]. why not100%?  Paper can not recycled many times, paper fibers will get shorter every time after recycling process. New paper fibers have to added to the post consumer recycled paper board pulp to strengthen the base material. Additionally, the inner and outer layers do not contain recycled paper, inner layer of greaseproof paper and outer layer of coated paper with lamination on , to ensure the compatibility of the product.

●The tube structure features a “push up” design that would replace plastic stick deodorant canister. It can only bed functioned as “ push up”, instead of  “pull down”.

●The all-paper tube package holds 0.2oz,03 oz,0.5oz,1.0 oz,1.5oz,2.0 oz, 2.5oz,3.0oz.

●CMYK or PMS color printed, debossing/embossing, spot uv, hot stamped, various finishes can be applied on.

A general guide on how to manufacture paper tube packaging

●The tube packaging process begins in winding department. Machine operators start prepping the machines to form the tubes by following up the customer’s specific sizes, thickness and quantity. As customer has a different use for tubes, both sawcut and blade cut will be required. In short, a sawcut is typically for a single use, while blade cut slice is a secondary operation, providing  more precise and more consistent in length. This process can be sum up as rolls of paper,  glue the paper, wind the plies and cut the paper tube.

Next step is mounting the adhesive post-press printed papers over the spiral paper tubes. There are two methods to proceed:  Rolling the glued and printed papers over on the spiral paper tubes by hands, or creating a new mold to glue the printed papers on the spiral paper tubes by machine.

●Then generate the rolling edge of top and bottom. This process is finished by a heat-pressing and curling machine, required to test many times in case the mold can make the roll-edge smooth and lessen wrinkles.

●Additionally, sealing the top and the bottom. First, An automatic gluing machine runs around and paste glue over the inner tubes. Then two pieces of 1mm printed round covers glued and sealed.

●Finally, gluing the inner tube, slot and snug lid and base

How to fill a deodorant container?

When your business deals with filling molten liquids into containers, you know that you need specialty equipment nearby to get the job done. A short molten filler for products including  lip balm tubes, deodorants, and candles.

Aside from liquid filling machines, you may also need labelers to wrap around deodorant tube packaging, making sure each flavor can enjoy same measurement to save the mold cost and reduce printing cost.

Here is a machine list can help you to locate your suppliers:

●Deodorant stick filling machine

●Spray deodorant filling machine

●Semi-auto deodorant container filling machine

●Air freshener deodorant body spray

●Electronic liquid  deodorant  filling machine

If you are a start-up company of launching your brand new deodorant into the market or running a small business, you can fill the deodorant by yourself.

Need  Deodorant Packaging Tubes Now?

If you are interested in environmentally friendly paper tube packaging but haven’t ordered from us before, ready-made paper tubes might be a good place to start.

Need A Quote?

If you’re ready to place an order for a large quantity or are interested in eco-friendly, 100% custom paper tubes, request a custom quote to get started

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