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We have progressed to an era where everyone is big about sustainable practices. People are starting to prefer businesses that offer sustainable products and packaging options. 

In the quest for a more sustainable lifestyle, we often overlook the hidden potential within everyday items like the packaging of a product. From cardboard tubes to boxes and from cups to wooden boxes, hundreds of ideas can be done using these items.

You might be wondering what could possibly be made using these boxes and tubes. Well, let us give you some ideas so that the next time you do grocery, you specifically choose those items that are sustainable but can also work as a perfect DIY project for you.


DIY Ideas by Sustainable Packaging

Cardboard Tube Organizers:

Those empty cardboard tubes from paper towels or toilet paper rolls can be transformed into stylish organizers for your desk or kitchen. Simply cut the tubes to desired lengths, decorate them with paint or fabric, and arrange them in a box or tray to create compartments for pens, utensils, or small items. You can paste the tubes on a cardboard sheet and either paint them or cover them with fancy papers to make them look like you want. 

Box Planters:

Don’t toss out those sturdy cardboard boxes—they make perfect planters for indoor herbs or small succulents. Cut a few drainage holes in the bottom of the box, line it with a biodegradable liner or newspaper. Fill it with soil, and plant your herbs. You’ll not only add a touch of greenery to your home but also reduce the need for plastic pots. And if it deteriorates with time, you can always throw the box and make a new one!

Cup Candle Holders:

Disposable cups from coffee shops or takeout orders can find new life as charming candle holders. Clean the cups, decorate them with paint or fancy paper, and place tea-light candles inside. Who needs a candle box when you can make your own at home? You can put them on your dining table to add a bit of fancy touch.

Box Storage Shelves:

Need extra storage space? Look no further than your collection of cardboard boxes. IF you are creative enough and have a strong tape, then you can stack the boxes and secure them so that you can store anything in them. Decorate the boxes with paint or wrapping paper to match your decor, and voila—functional storage boxes without costing a dime!

Tube Bird Feeders:

Who doesn’t like watching birds in their garden? Invite feathered friends into your backyard with homemade bird feeders crafted from poster tubes. Simply smear peanut butter on the outside of a cardboard tube, roll it in birdseed, and station it on any tree or pillar. Not only will you nourish local birds, but you’ll also enjoy the sight and sound of nature right outside your window.

Cup Plant Markers:

Keep track of your garden with plant markers made from plastic cups. Cut the cups into strips, write the names of your plants with a permanent marker, and insert them in the soil with each plant. These DIY plant markers are not only useful but also help keep plastic away from your garden –which can be harmful to little plants.

Wall Art:

Are you an artist? Well, then, you can certainly use some boxes and tubes to create breathtaking art, right? Right! Cut out geometric shapes or abstract designs from flattened cardboard boxes and tubes, paint them in vibrant colors, and arrange them on a blank wall to create a striking focal point. This eco-friendly art project is sure to make you into a famous artist. You’ll be the next Picasso in no time.

Tube Napkin Rings:

Elevate your table with napkin rings crafted from cardboard tubes. Cut the tubes into smaller sections, decorate them with paint or decorative paper, and slide them onto rolled-up napkins for a touch of rustic charm. You can paint them gold and add sequins and glitter to make them seem exclusively fancy. No one will ever know they are made of cardboard!


How did you like our DIY ideas for sustainable packaging? The best thing about all these ideas is that you can make them without any extra cost and you can also replace them whenever they start to look dull without having the remorse of spending money on them. And don’t forget you’ll be doing great duty to your Earth, too! 


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