UCPACK, custom cardboard tube, SHAKER TOP


Add the convenience of shaker tops to your retail packages. A shaker top allows repetitive opening and closing, without damage or degradation of the closure or the container. shaker tops are available with screen and pour openings, with inner diameters

● 1-5/8″

● 1-7/8″

● 2-1/2″

● 3“

Fine powder (talc) shakers are available for canisters with inside diameters of: 1-7/8″

Optional tops:

Screen Top Food/               Fine Powder Top Talcs/

Spices Standard White       Powders Standard White

Shaker used to be made out of plastic while we can make in cardboard paper, easy to open and shut, while still can keep inner tube perfect condition.

Application include

● Salt

● Sorts of Powders

● Sugar

● Cotton Swab

● Dental Floss Bar

● Toothpick

● More

Ucpack also integrate custom shaker tops in a broad range of colors and logo printed. Minimum quantity depends on your detailed requirement for the shaker tops.  Cardboard shaker top can be 500pcs/per color or style.


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