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Tubo de papelão para telescópio is often considered a rebellion against the traditional beauty ideals perpetuated by the cosmetics industry. In its own way, black lipstick is an act of defiance against the status quo, a way for people to express themselves in their own unique way. While this may be particularly true for women, who have long been subjected to unrealistic beauty standards, it’s not just limited to them. Men can also enjoy the subversive power of wearing black lipstick, and in doing so they can make a bold statement about who they are and what

Custom free sample with your logo for check is acceptable.
China cardboard box manufacturers with over 10 years experience.

Especificações principais

Material: All boxes can be printed, foil stamped, debossed or embossed with your own brand logo.
Dimension: Custom any shape , any size , any color packing boxes.
Quantidade mínima : 500 pcs , or less 500 pcs when produce with other customer
at the same time.
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Tubo de papelão para telescópio

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