We Are Your Full-Service Tube Packaging Provider

Established in 2015, UCPACK has taken pride in manufacturing extraordinary custom packaging for our customers, we are recognized as one of the “best in the industry” in Guangdong when it comes to custom paper tube packaging. To offer exceptional customer service, keen attention to detail, and rigorous quality control standards, all over 80 workers are disciplined, details focused. With full facility including tube spiral, rolling, cutting, tinplate capping etc., we have capacity to commit orders over 1000,000pcs customized printing paper tube monthly.

We have been working hard on filling a gap in tube packaging services: Ultimately offering especially growing companies that tubes structural engineering, design service to physical samples and mass production. Most companies were a force to hire separate designers and manufactures to create their packaging. They are suffering losing valuable time to work out the best packaging solution and eye-catching design due to inefficient communication and non-viable design plan.

So we established an one-stop service packaging plant to manage everything right from design, structure to fulfillment. Quando você trabalha conosco, you will get a whole team of expert advisors on your project. More than that, you are totally released with our packaging strategy

UCPACK, tubo de papelão personalizado, factory Aroc
12000 +

Factory Aroc

UCPACK, tubo de papelão personalizado, Daily Output
100K +

Daily Output

UCPACK, tubo de papelão personalizado, Production Lines
15 +

Producticn Lines

UCPACK, tubo de papelão personalizado, experience
6 +

Years' Experience

UCPACK, tubo de papelão personalizado, Workers
70 +


UCPACK, tubo de papelão personalizado, Global Brand Owners
100 +

Globol Brand Owners


A package is the first brand for retail consumers, and unboxing is the first tangible experience for e-commerce consumers. We already noticed customer’s painful experiences between designer studio and manufacturer. With an R&D team composed of 2 engineers and 1 designer and 1 handcraft worker, we have taken pride in capitalizing on the opportunity to make a strong impression with strategic,brand-aligned design and cost-effective t structure.

From concept to physical sample, our team can be relied on completing your project on a tight timeline. Our team will not just focus on the details and designs of tubes, but also consider the practical strategy of mass production, making sure your timeframe and budget can be met. Whether your project is a small-run boutique box or an international consumer goods package, we have design, production experience to keep your production lines supplied with premium packaging.

UCPACK, tubo de papelão personalizado, Design & Structure
UCPACK, tubo de papelão personalizado, Physical Sample and Mass Production

Physical Sample and Mass Production

A design is only as good as its implementation. Prior to production, our structural engineer evaluates the design and quickly create a sample using our rapid prototyping capabilities, two laser cutting machines, and one digital printing machine.

3D model automatic presentation can fully bring you to make sure each aspect of tubes are positioned correctly, Over 1000pcs of luxury papers combined with designs can enhance your brands highly after comparison with dozens of sorts of finishes like fully slim foiling, spot uv and raising up alignment ect. Never too much to test unless customers finalize.

Com mais 5 people of R&D, we expedite to create a sample within 7 dias, even just 1 day. Over 3000+ tube packaging solutions can surely fit your products safely and neatly.

We work with you closely to develop a cost-saving, efficient, and environment-friendly solution tailored to your product’s adventure. With decades of experience in manufacturing, we have developed into a complete plant operation system between a physical sample and mass production, software to keep an eye checking the whole process of each project, recording efficiencies of each team, and QC reports offered before delivery.

Rigorous Quality Control

After years of constant improvements from startups, we have got through over 1000+ cases of 3rd party checking and come into common sense: Never too much to care about details.

Here is the main workflow: meetings before production will be held by engineers to discuss how to make what standards are required and when supposed to be finished. Each process team leader concerned will have papers mentioned requirements and how to do. Engineers will assign a team leader to work by book. During production, engineer will be on watch to make sure the project runs well.

Each step of the process is kept in the record of the ERP system, all defectives can be traced back into each person with KPI. We intend to make each worker all clear how to do and what is qualified standard.

QC team divided into 3 sections. IPQC keeps tracking data of each process, both numbers, and quality. IPC keeps checking status in outsourcing suppliers, FQC is to check outcome and feedback to customer service. Each section works closely with each other, making sure your project runs well and is finished on time.

UCPACK, tubo de papelão personalizado, Rigorous Quality Control

Our Team

UCPACK, tubo de papelão personalizado, Why UCpack, Bond Lin
Co-Founder & President

Bond Lin

With more than 15 years of experienced in packaging and printing, Bond’s actions directly influenced Ucpack into becoming recognized as a leading supplier in the custom tube packaging industry.

As a visionary leader, Bond commits to handling complex issues in establishing and leading Ucpack into a flexible path, growing up with startup of brand in right direction. Armed with keen and rich experience in combing tube packaging solutions and practical production methods, Bond is able to capitalize on his knowledge to guide customer to reply on Ucpack working out best customized packaging solutions to build and develop his brand. Bond directly lead R & D department, his familiarity with over 1000+ box structures and trend of packaging to mold R & D Into a perfect packaging solution provider and expedite outcome of prototype. “Small tubes can have huge impacts! Ucpack spares no efforts on offering workable tube packaging solutions to fix company’s brand growth and development.

UCPACK, tubo de papelão personalizado, Why UCpack, Gary Lee
Engineer Structure

Gary Lee

Gary Lee has rich over 12 years in the packaging industry, with a deep understanding over 1000+ boxes structures and combining production stages and packaging solutions together. Gary is thoughtful and professional with the capability to handle multiple projects. He plays an important role in connecting R&D and production department. Box’s assembling stage and standard clearly in his mind throughout years of studies. Gary always keep smile and listens to client’s needs and covert their ideas into viable, efficient solutions.
UCPACK, tubo de papelão personalizado, Why UCpack, Jelly Long
Director Business Development

Jelly Long

A keen sense of packaging industry combines with her creative thinking, Jelly is the driving force of Ucpack. Her dedication and decisive actions ensure Ucpack constantly provides both initiative service and operational solutions. Jelly spent has spent over 10 years in business development, mostly working with startups and medium corporation, continuously inspires Ucpack to quickly to work out packaging marketing strategy. Jelly also has direct experience in application of innovative materials. She is truly committed to promotion and use of environmentally friendly recycled materials. Enquanto isso, she also believes targeted but thoughtful marketing plan can help Ucpack to meet challenge of packaging industry today and the futher.
UCPACK, tubo de papelão personalizado, Why UCpack, Steven Zhou

Steven Zhou

Steven has more than 10 years of experience in logistics, custom affairs and delivery accidents. His pragmatic plan assures our clients by creating secured logistics solution. Steven professional import and export knowledge as well as his logistic experience to continuously improve know how our products are delivered, especially into USA. He is able to handle difficulty custom affair and paper works. Ucpack relies on him on shipment around the world.
UCPACK, tubo de papelão personalizado, Why UCpack, Alex Long
Sales Manager

Alex Long

Alex’s 5 years background in printing and packaging business made him be more awareness of the essence of customer service. He relentlessly dedicates to solve toughest problems and guide clients through the packaging process, convinces client to approve the plan. Alex careful personality and professional knowledge can create a smooth communication between Ucpack and clients. He believes having a good attitude and working in a timely and kindly manner with clients is the basis of excellent customer service, and working out a qualified packaging solution with a reasonable price is both client and supplier should work on.
UCPACK, tubo de papelão personalizado, Why UCpack, Lisa Chan
Quality Manager

Lisa Chan

As the head of quality management, Lisa plays a key role by using a variety of quality management methods and tools unique to each project. She also continuously seeks out to improve our quality check system. With years of experiences on sourcing and quality checking, Lisa has become a reliable and considerate leader of our IQC, FQC, OQC team, to provide quality process solutions to our clients within time schedule.
UCPACK, tubo de papelão personalizado, Why UCpack, Carl Guo
Visual Designer

Carl Guo

As an experience graphic designer with successful portfolio of projects in the packaging industry for years. Carl taps into her exceptional perspective to create practical solutions for every print and package project. As a 3 years member of Ucpack team, Carl’s profession in handling all digital proofs and packaging model structure is a reliable to provide client with an outstanding experience while meeting with challenging requirements.
UCPACK, tubo de papelão personalizado, Why UCpack, Tracey
Sourcing Manager


With years of experience on souring and identifying diverse materials, Tracey is capable of reaching or exceeding customer demands on packaging presents. She always trend to think outside of the tube, optimizing packaging materials and bringing eco friendly products into life. Ucpack can not boost turnaround without her ability on locating and utilizing resources to help us to commit challengeable projects.