UCPACK has been developing cardboard tube container for food packaging for over 10 years, we will use food grade paper to meet EU Food Standard or FDA Standard material to manufacture cardboard jar container

Foil Paper Liner for the Cardboard Canister

In a paper canister, the foil paper typically refers to a thin layer of aluminum foil laminated to paper. This combination is used to provide a barrier that helps keep the contents of the canister fresh by protecting them from light, moisture, and air. The paper provides structural integrity, while the aluminum foil acts as a barrier layer.


1. Food Packaging: Commonly used for packaging dry foods like powdered milk, coffee, tea, snacks, and spices. The foil liner keeps the contents fresh and prevents spoilage.
2. Pharmaceuticals: Used for packaging medicines and supplements, ensuring that the products are protected from moisture and contaminants.
3. Cosmetics: Ideal for packaging creams, lotions, and other cosmetic products that need protection from light and air.
4. Industrial Products: Used for packaging sensitive industrial materials, such as chemicals and powders, that require a moisture-proof barrier.

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Paper Jar with Foil Liner

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CANS & TUBES with printed design

(cardboard tubes with a glassine liner for food products such as spices, coffee, cocoa, tea, instant drinks, chips, toys, cosmetics, chemical products; decorative cans and tubes, paper tube with prints, Custom Paper Cans and Cardboard Tube Packaging)

We specialize in manufacturing cardboard cans and cardboard containers tailored to individual customer requirements. Our packages are crafted from glued cardboard with a thickness of approximately 1.1 mm. The interior of the tubes can be lined with paper, PE coated polyethylene film, or aluminum foil. The aluminum foil layer offers exceptional barrier properties, preserves flavor, and ensures a long shelf life.

Typical Shelf Life Estimates:
1. Coffee and Tea: When stored in a foil-lined cardboard canister, these products can maintain their freshness for about 12 to 24 months.
2. Snacks and Cereals: These can typically last 6 to 12 months, depending on the specific product and storage conditions.
3. Powdered Milk and Drink Mixes: Generally have a shelf life of 12 to 24 months when properly packaged.
4. Pharmaceuticals and Supplements: Can last 1 to 3 years or more, with some products having specific expiration dates printed on the packaging.
5. Cosmetics: Shelf life ranges from 1 to 2 years, depending on the formulation and packaging.

FDA Report About Glassine Paper Details

• 100% recyclable
• No Melting Point
• Grease Proof, Moisture Resistant and Acid-Free

Polyethylene Lids

Customized Options:

• Available in Colors

• Model Types:
✔ “Piggy Bank” Shaker or Sifter Holes
✔ Plastic or Paper Dispenser for loose dry powder or other products
✔ With a Handle For Easy Opeing
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Metal Lids

Customized Options:

• Available in Colors
■ Black Silver Gold

• Model Types:
✔ Customized color, logo embossing, customized size.
✔ Great Variety of sizes at stock

Size Diameter(mm) Height(mm)
Extra Small 30 5
Small 40 5
Small Plus 50 5
Medium 60 5
Medium Plus 70 5
Large 80 6
Large Plus 90 6
Extra Large 100 6
Extra Large Plus 110 6
Jumbo 120 7

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Polyethylene bottoms

Customized Options:

• Available in Colors

Metal bottoms

Customized Options:

• Available in Colors
■ Black Silver Gold
• pressed and designed to be wrapped on an automatic machine


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    FAQ: Cardboard Canisters with Foil Paper

    What are cardboard canisters with foil paper used for?

    Cardboard canisters with foil paper are commonly used for packaging food items, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other products that require a moisture-resistant and airtight seal to preserve freshness and prevent contamination.

    What materials are used to make these canisters?

    These canisters are typically made from sturdy cardboard for the outer structure, with an inner lining of foil paper or metallized film to provide barrier properties against moisture, light, and oxygen.

    Are these canisters eco-friendly?

    Yes, many cardboard canisters with foil paper are designed to be eco-friendly. The cardboard is often recyclable, and some manufacturers use biodegradable or recyclable foil paper. Always check the product specifications for details on recyclability.

    How do I dispose of a cardboard canister with foil paper?

    To properly dispose of a cardboard canister with foil paper, separate the cardboard from the foil lining if possible. Recycle the cardboard with paper products, and check local recycling guidelines for the foil paper, as it may need to be disposed of as waste if not recyclable in your area.

    Can these canisters be used for hot or cold storage?

    Yes, cardboard canisters with foil paper are versatile and can be used for both hot and cold storage. The foil lining helps to maintain the temperature of the contents for a certain period, making them suitable for various applications.

    Are there any limitations to using cardboard canisters with foil paper?

    While these canisters are durable and provide good protection, they may not be suitable for very high-moisture or liquid products unless they have additional sealing features. They are also less durable than metal or plastic containers for certain heavy-duty applications.

    Can these canisters be customized?

    Yes, many manufacturers offer customization options for cardboard canisters with foil paper. You can customize the size, shape, design, and branding to meet your specific requirements.

    How do I ensure the canister remains airtight?

    To ensure the canister remains airtight, make sure the lid or seal is properly closed after each use. Some canisters come with additional sealing features like tamper-evident seals or screw-on lids to enhance air tightness.

    Are these canisters suitable for long-term storage?

    Yes, when properly sealed, cardboard canisters with foil paper are suitable for long-term storage of dry goods, powders, and other products that require protection from moisture and air.

    Where can I buy cardboard canisters with foil paper?

    Cardboard canisters with foil paper can be purchased from packaging suppliers, online marketplaces, and specialty stores that offer packaging solutions. Be sure to specify your requirements to get the best product for your needs


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