UCPACK has been developing cardboard tube for over 10 years, creating a new triangle tube for wine packaging.

UCPACK constantly upgrades its production, thus ensuring the extended range of issued products. Products in our cardboard tubes have been attracting high attention of consumers lately, and favorably stand out among other goods represented for sale.

Our company produces the following cardboard tubes:

• Square tubes(interlinked to square rectangle tube)
• Oval tubes (interlinked to Oval Tube)
• Rectangular tubes (interlinked to square rectangle tube)
• Triangular tubes

These tubes are used for packing tea, coffee, alcoholic products, candy, various bulk products, as well as the toys, household items, and other goods. These tubes can be:

• One piece printed tube with tin lid and tin bottom
• One piece printed tube with combined lid and tin bottom
• Big quantity is price competitive as the mold sizes at stock are not various at stock.
• Machine install the triangular also can provide Lid opening – standard or “pen-box”

Apart from the outer decorative label, the tubes can be manufactured with decorative inner layer.

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Our cardboard tubes will represent your products, both on store shelves and in online sales, helping to distinguish your brand among similar products.

UCPACK can manufacture the products on individual request – with characteristics preferred by the customer.

We can produce the tubes with additional decor. We can put your logo on the metal lid and bottom, by stamping. You can also choose coloring, varnishing, or laminating. We have flexible discount system!

We can provide molded triangular, rectangle, and square tin lid and base, along with machine and guidance how to install the tin end caps

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    FAQ: Triangular Cardboard Tube

    What are triangular cardboard tubes used for?

    Triangular cardboard tubes are primarily used for shipping, packaging, and storing items that need protection from bending or damage, such as posters, blueprints, maps, and artwork.

    What sizes do triangular cardboard tubes come in?

    They come in various sizes to accommodate different items. Common dimensions range from small sizes suitable for documents to larger sizes for items like fabric rolls and large posters. Custom sizes are also available.

    Are triangular cardboard tubes more durable than cylindrical tubes?

    Yes, the triangular shape can provide additional structural strength, making them less prone to crushing. They are also more stable and less likely to roll off surfaces compared to cylindrical tubes.

    Can triangular cardboard tubes be customized?

    Yes, they can be customized in terms of size, printing, and accessories. Custom printing for branding or labeling is available, and additional inserts or end caps can be provided for extra protection.

    Are triangular cardboard tubes eco-friendly?

    Many triangular cardboard tubes are made from recyclable materials and can be recycled after use, making them an eco-friendly packaging option.

    How do you seal triangular cardboard tubes?

    They are typically sealed with end caps or lids. Some designs might use adhesive flaps or tape for securing the contents.

    Can triangular cardboard tubes be used for heavy items?

    While they are sturdy and durable, they are generally best suited for lightweight to moderately heavy items. For very heavy items, additional reinforcement might be necessary.

    How are triangular cardboard tubes shipped?

    They can be shipped flat and then assembled when needed, or they can be shipped fully assembled. Their stable shape helps ensure safe and secure transport.

    What is the cost of triangular cardboard tubes?

    The cost varies depending on the size, material thickness, and any custom features. Generally, they are cost-effective, especially when purchased in bulk.

    Where can I buy triangular cardboard tubes?

    They can be purchased from packaging suppliers, office supply stores, or online retailers. Custom orders can often be placed directly with manufacturers.

    Are there any special handling instructions for triangular cardboard tubes?

    Handle them with care to avoid crushing or damaging the edges. Ensure they are sealed properly to prevent the contents from shifting or falling out during transport.

    Can I reuse triangular cardboard tubes?

    Yes, if they are in good condition, they can be reused multiple times. This can be a cost-saving and environmentally friendly practice.

    Do triangular cardboard tubes require assembly?

    Some might require simple assembly, such as folding along pre-scored lines and securing with adhesive. Others are ready to use as-is.

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