Manufactured in UCPACK (FSC and ISO verified factory)

A cardboard telescopic tube is a type of cylindrical container made of cardboard, consisting of multiple tubes of different diameters that slide or nest within each other. These tubes can extend or retract, providing adjustable lengths and compact storage when not in use.

Thickness:  1 to 1.2mm.

Material: 100% recyclable white or brown kraft, CCNB, black card or ivory card, layers of 350gsm papers winding into 1mmm or 1.2mm thickness. Printing paper is 120gsm kraft paper, texture paper, or 157gsm art paper, fabric, or PU leather.

Standard inner diameters: from 50mm to 200mm

Printing: screen printing, offset printing, or UV printing

Finishes: Anti-Scratchy, Soft Touch, Window-Punched, Spot UV, Hot Stamp, Embossing/Debossing

MOQ: 1pcs for sample order, 100pcs for trial order


  • Storage or mail documents, posters, and blueprints, and offering protection against creases, folds, and damage during transportation.
  • Gift packaging: like tea, candies, chocolate, or other traditional gifts.
  • Retail product packaging: cosmetics, food. items, lamps, or other promotional products.
  • Storage: fishing rods, sports equipment like yoga matt, rolled-up textiles.
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Telescopic Tube

Telescope Tube
Telescope Tubes
Telescope Tube
Telescope Tube
Telescope Tube
Telescope Tube
Telescope Tube
Telescope Tubes
Telescope Tubes
Telescope Tube
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Versatile and Durable Telescopic Cardboard Tubes for All Your Packaging Needs

A telescopic cardboard tube is a type of packaging solution typically made from heavy-duty cardboard. It consists of two or more sections that slide into one another, allowing the tube to extend and retract. This telescoping feature enables the tube to accommodate items of varying lengths and provides additional protection during shipping or storage. Here are some key features and uses of telescopic cardboard tube

  • Shipping and Mailing: Ideal for shipping posters, artwork, blueprints, and other long, flexible items that need to stay flat and protected.
  • Storage: Useful for storing rolled documents, maps, and other items that benefit from being kept in a rigid, protective enclosure.
  • Retail Packaging: Used for products that need a sturdy yet adjustable packaging solution, such as fishing rods, umbrellas, or custom-crafted items.

These tubes provide a convenient and protective way to handle items that might otherwise be awkward to ship or store.

Why Choose Our Telescopic Cardboard Tubes?

Our telescopic cardboard tubes offer superior quality, durability, and protection for your items. Made from heavy-duty, recyclable materials, they are eco-friendly and reusable. The adjustable design ensures versatility, accommodating various lengths and sizes, reducing the need for multiple tube types. We offer extensive customization options, including different sizes and custom printing for branding. Our competitive pricing, especially for bulk orders, provides great value. With a reputation for reliability and excellent customer service, we ensure a seamless experience from order to delivery. Choose our tubes for a sustainable, cost-effective, and customizable packaging solution.

Why Choose UCPACK As A Supplier Of Telescopic Cardboard Tubes?

At UCPACK offers high-quality telescopic paper tubes made from premium, recyclable materials for durability and eco-friendliness. We provide extensive customization options and competitive pricing, including bulk discounts. With a proven track record and exceptional customer service, UCPack ensures reliable, tailored packaging solutions for various industries. Trust UCPack for sustainable, cost-effective, and customizable telescopic paper tubes

Sales Service Team

We are always ready to reply within 24 hours

Engineer Team

Usually, we can deliver a sample in 3 days

Assembling Team

With over 20 experience workers are ready to commit your orders

FSC and ISO Verified

We are proud to be the supplier of ISO and FSC verified

Thousands of Molds Available

After decades of development, we have thousands of molds from 12mm inner diameter to over 450mm inner diameter

Paper Play Rolls

Our engineers are experienced in working out how much material we need to spiral a tube.

Winding Belt

3 layers of 120gsm Kraft paper combined and twisted into a 1.2mm thickness cardboard tube


Printed paper and cardboard tubes mounted together


Dividing the lid and base

Rolling Edge

Rolling the edges of caps or bottom


Assembling the lid and base together


We arrange door-to-door shipping service

1. Get a Quote

Talk with our sales representative about specifications or engineers about solutions to get a cost-effective option.

2. Get Artwork Done

We offer template or graphic design assistance for free and a color management system to make artwork come out perfect.

3. Get Prototyping

  • Plain white or Kraft sample provided to test if it fits your product
  • Digital printing sample to check the layout and color
  • Offset printing pre-sample same as mass production to be signed off, we dealt document begins effective

4. Get into Mass Production

Our production department will follow up on the prototype to proceed with mass production. Usually, we can commit over 50,000 tubes within 15 working days. QC report will be provided before shipment.

5. Get the Cargo

Our logistic team will arrange door-to-door air or sea shipment. Air shipment takes about a week, while sea shipment usually takes 45 days.

About cardboard telescopic tubes, how fast you can deliver them to us?

For samples, we can finish in 3 or 5 days. And it takes extra 3 days to arrive by air. For mass productions, we can commit to ordering about 50,000pcs within 15 days. Sea shipment takes another 45 days door to door. For any urgency, we strongly advise some portion delivered by air.

Can you make the telescopic tube out of 100% recyclable?

Yes! We are a product to be the FSC and ISO-verified factory. All materials can be 100% recyclable and compostable.

Ink: can be vegetable-based

Glue: no heavy-metal

Can you make the lid not too hard or too loose to open?

Yes! If the lid is too hard, it easily gets breaking at the edge.  If it is too loose, the base falls off!  We need to keep control right from the beginning of winding the tube, keep a certain temperature, and most importantly is to make the mold perfect both lid and base.

What is your payment term?

Usually, it is a 30% deposit and a 70% balance before shipment.  Welcome quality check before shipment. If you need to pay the balance after the tubes are received and checked, please discuss it with our sales team.

Can we get a sample before mass production?

Yes! We offer customized samples or samples in stock both.  If customized ones, we can finish in 3 days. A sample charge of about USD$50.00 is required, fully refunded after the order is placed.

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