UCPACK has been developing cardboard tube container for food packaging for over 10 years, we will use food grade paper to meet EU Food Standard or FDA Standard material to manufacture cardboard jar container

Glassine paper is a smooth, glossy paper that is air, water, and grease resistant. It is made through a process of supercalendering, which involves running the paper through a series of rollers to produce a smooth finish. Here are some key details about glassine paper.


Smooth and Glossy Surface: Glassine paper has a distinctive smooth, glossy surface, which is achieved through extensive calendering.

Translucent: It is semi-transparent, allowing some light to pass through.

Air, Water, and Grease Resistant: Glassine is known for its resistance to air, moisture, and grease, making it ideal for various protective and archival uses.but so strong as foil paper or PE coated paper

PH Neutral: Often, glassine paper is pH neutral, which makes it suitable for archival purposes as it won’t react with the items it contacts.

Uses: Mostly used in food packaging like baked goods, butter, candies ect

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Paper Jar with Glassine Liner

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CANS & TUBES with printed design

(cardboard tubes with a glassine liner for food products such as spices, coffee, cocoa, tea, instant drinks, chips, toys, cosmetics, chemical products; decorative cans and tubes, paper tube with prints, Custom Paper Cans and Cardboard Tube Packaging

We specialize in manufacturing cans and tubes tailored to individual customer requirements. Our packages are crafted from glued cardboard with a thickness of approximately 1.1 mm. The interior of the tubes can be lined with paper, polyethylene film, or aluminum foil. The aluminum foil layer offers exceptional barrier properties, preserves flavor, and ensures a long shelf life.

For added security, the tubes can be equipped with an aluminum membrane to prevent accidental opening. The tops of the tins/tubes are sealed with either plastic or metal lids based on customer preferences, while the bottoms can be sealed with a pressed bottom or one designed for wrapping on an automatic machine.

We offer printing on the tins/tubes in up to 8 colors. These packages are ideal for dry products such as coffee, tea, cookies, sugar, salt, and spices. Additionally, white, black, and unprinted kraft cans/tubes are available in our online store, including membrane tubes suitable for coffee, tea, herbs, spices, cookies, chips, and more.

FDA Report About Glassine Paper Details

• 100% recyclable
• No Melting Point
• Grease Proof, Moisture Resistant and Acid-Free

Polyethylene Lids

Customized Options:

• Available in Colors

• Model Types:
✔ “Piggy Bank” Shaker or Sifter Holes
✔ Plastic or Paper Dispenser for loose dry powder or other products
✔ With a Handle For Easy Opeing
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Metal Lids

Customized Options:

• Available in Colors
■ Black Silver Gold

• Model Types:
✔ Customized color, logo embossing, customized size.
✔ Great Variety of sizes at stock

Size Diameter(mm) Height(mm)
Extra Small 30 5
Small 40 5
Small Plus 50 5
Medium 60 5
Medium Plus 70 5
Large 80 6
Large Plus 90 6
Extra Large 100 6
Extra Large Plus 110 6
Jumbo 120 7

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Polyethylene bottoms

Customized Options:

• Available in Colors

Metal bottoms

Customized Options:

• Available in Colors
■ Black Silver Gold

• pressed and designed to be wrapped on an automatic machine


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    FAQ: Paper Jar with Glassine Liner

    What is a cardboard canister with a glassine liner?

    A cardboard canister with a glassine liner is a cylindrical container made of sturdy cardboard, lined with glassine paper. Glassine is a smooth, glossy paper that is resistant to air, water, and grease.

    What are the typical uses for these canisters?

    These canisters are commonly used for packaging food items like tea, coffee, spices, and snacks. They are also used for non-food items such as cosmetics, candles, and various retail products.

    Material and Safety

    Is the cardboard used in these canisters eco-friendly?

    Yes, the cardboard is typically made from recycled materials and is biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly option.

    Are the glassine liners food-safe?

    Yes, glassine liners are food-safe. They are often used in food packaging because they are resistant to grease and moisture, protecting the contents effectively.

    Are these canisters recyclable?

    Yes, both the cardboard and the glassine liner are recyclable. However, it is advisable to separate the liner from the cardboard before recycling.

    Customization and Design

    Can the cardboard canisters be customized?

    Yes, cardboard canisters can be customized in terms of size, shape, and design. You can have them printed with your brand logo, product information, and other graphics.

    Are there different types of closures available for these canisters?

    Yes, these canisters can come with various types of closures, including metal lids, plastic caps, and paperboard caps, depending on the product requirements.

    Storage and Usage

    How do I store items in a cardboard canister with a glassine liner?

    To store items, simply place them inside the canister and secure the lid. The glassine liner will help protect the contents from moisture and air.

    Can these canisters be used for long-term storage?

    Yes, they are suitable for long-term storage of dry goods due to the protective qualities of the glassine liner.

    Purchase and Availability

    Where can I buy cardboard canisters with glassine liners?

    These canisters are available from packaging suppliers, both online and in physical stores. They can also be ordered in bulk for commercial use.

    What is the cost of these canisters?

    The cost varies depending on size, customization, and quantity. Bulk orders typically result in a lower per-unit price.

    Environmental Impact

    Are these canisters considered environmentally friendly?

    Yes, due to their recyclable materials and biodegradability, cardboard canisters with glassine liners are considered environmentally friendly. They provide a sustainable packaging option compared to plastic containers.


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