Cardboard Lip Balm Tubes-Eco Tube

UCPACK has been working on manufacturing custom lip balm tubes since 2015. Now we can create plastic-free, food grade and 100% biodegradable cardboard tubes, without any leaking.

Eco Friendly material | Vegetable plant glue | Plastic free | FSC verified


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    We have bamboo style, aluminum style, magnet style, plastic style and paper style.

    FAQ: Cardboard Lip Balm

    What are cardboard lip balm tubes made of?

    Cardboard lip balm tubes are primarily made from paper-based materials. They often include an inner lining of biodegradable wax or a similar coating to prevent the product from seeping into the cardboard.

    Are cardboard lip balm tubes eco-friendly?

    Yes, cardboard lip balm tubes are eco-friendly. They are biodegradable, compostable, and often made from renewable resources, reducing environmental impact compared to plastic alternatives.

    How do cardboard push-up tubes work?

    Cardboard push-up tubes function with a simple mechanism: you push the bottom of the tube to raise the lip balm. This design is intuitive and user-friendly.

    Are cardboard lip balm tubes durable?

    Yes, when designed and manufactured properly, cardboard lip balm tubesare durable. They can withstand everyday use and typical temperature variations without compromising the integrity of the product.

    Will my lip balm melt or leak in a cardboard tube?

    High-quality cardboard tubes with appropriate inner coatings prevent melting and leaking. Properly formulated lip balm should remain stable at room temperature, and the tubes are designed to handle the heat of the filling process.

    Can cardboard lip balm tubes be customized?

    Absolutely! Cardboard tubes can be easily customized with printing, embossing, and labeling to reflect your brand’s identity and create an attractive, unique product presentation.

    How do I fill cardboard lip balm tubes?

    Cardboard lip balm tubes can be filled manually using pipettes or syringes for small batches, or with semi-automatic or fully automatic filling machines for larger-scale production. Ensure the tubes have the proper inner coating for efficient filling.

    Are there any special considerations for storing lip balm in cardboard tubes?

    Store the lip balm in a cool, dry place to maintain its stability. Avoid exposing the tubes to excessive moisture or direct sunlight to prevent any potential degradation of the cardboard.

    How do I recycle cardboard lip balm tubes?

    Cardboard lip balm tubes can be recycled in most paper recycling programs. Ensure that any remaining product is removed, and check with local recycling guidelines for specific instructions.

    Are cardboard lip balm tubes more expensive than plastic ones?

    While the initial cost of cardboard tubes might be slightly higher than plastic, the environmental benefits and increasing consumer demand for sustainable packaging often justify the investment. Moreover, bulk purchasing can help reduce costs.

    Can I use cardboard tubes for other products besides lip balm?

    Yes, cardboard push-up tubes are versatile and can be used for various solid products, including deodorants, lotion bars, and other cosmetics.

    How do consumers perceive cardboard lip balm tubes?

    Many consumers appreciate eco-friendly packaging and are likely to favor products that use sustainable materials. Cardboard tubes can enhance your brand’s image by showcasing your commitment to environmental responsibility.


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