Coffee Bean Cardboard Container

We are a FSC and ISO verified cardboard tube manufacturer since 2015, coffee bean air tight cardboard canister with anti-moisture aluminum liner, airtight tin cap at the inner tube top, vegetable plant glue and soy bean printing ink.

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UCPACK, custom cardboard tube, Coffee-Colored Tea Canister

Coffee-Colored Tea Canister

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    FAQ: Coffee Bean Cardboard Canister

    What is the minimum order quantity for coffee bean cardboard canister?

    There is a 1 piece quantity minimum. Unit price varies with volume. Getting highly customized packaging has never been easier until UCPACK. Receive enterprise level service and packaging solutions no matter if you’re a small or big business.

    Is shipping of samples and products costly to my country?

    If you need customized service like customized sizes, shapes, printing, samples charge is usually about usd100.00 for digital printing. But if you are looking for tin or plastic cap with customized logo or color, please click Get A Quote or talk us online for further discussion.

    If you are looking for samples at stock for checking the quality, samples can be free. But delivery cost will be collected. So please free to ask for delivery charge.

    Do you require a graphics template or specific dimension for printing out a private label or customized printing?

    Yes. When ready to order, Contact (interlinked to get a quote)and UCPACK will email the templates to you. You have the option of ordering self-adhesive labels and affixing yourself. You will need to find those labels and have them printed to suit your needs. Or we just do the printing directly on the tubes after you fill the design in.

    Where can I buy compostable labels for the Eco Jars? Do you sell them?

    If you would like a compostable label for your eco jar, we offer that service. Send us your artwork and we’ll hand affix a 100% PCW paper label with casein adhesive. Call for pricing quotation

    Will we be working with one of your graphic artists for our design?

    The look and feel of your brand will need to be designed by your own graphic designer. For the most part, no extra charges are incurred. However, extensive help will incur charges, which are explained in the introductory email, when you receive the template. A good working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is advisable.

    You say the Eco Jars are moisture resistant. What do you mean by this?

    When a user handles the package briefly with wet hands, little or no damage will occur if the package is allowed to dry; if the package left out in the rain or in a puddle of water, it will begin to decompose. Our tubes have a aluminum liner to protect the moisture, aluminum liner is better than wax paper. But it can not be biodegradable when wax paper can.

    Are the paper canister airtight?

    Double-lid is properly fitted into the jar, the contents are reasonably well protected from atmospheric moisture and oxygen.

    Is it cost effective to have your cardboard canister shipped overseas?

    It depends on the retail price and sales volume of your product. But please feel free to contact us for a packaging solution before order.

    9.Does the lid get loose after continued use? How does the lid stay on during travel?

    We will make a embossing grip at the neck of inner tube, it will not loose or get off during the travel or even hundreds of uses.

    What is the turnaround time from order to shipping?

    It depends on the volume and shipping method. For 1000-10000pcs, lead time is about 10 to 15 days, for over 100k, it takes about 25 days. For shipping by sea, it takes extra 30-45 days door to door, for air shipment, it takes about 7 to 12 days.

    I would like a custom-sized/shape paper canister, can you help?

    Surely. We are a factory providing customized shapes and size service. Please contact us and we will discuss.

    What is your return policy?

    We will send you customized samples before bulk order, after you sign on the sample, our mass production process will stick to it. Before mass production shipment, we will send you a dozen of tubes out of mass production for quality-checking. Or we will provide manufacturing videos how we solve the concerns and assure that we stick to plan.


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