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Switching to paper tube packaging for product packaging is one of the great options for packaging since it is an innovative, versatile and sustainable material.

Packaging can make or break a product. From the first cardboard canister that wraps a product to the shaker tube and poster tube packaging that keeps it safe during shipping, quality paper shipping tube packaging can be attractive and protective at the same time.

Recent studies commissioned by the Paper and Packaging Board (PPB) show the consumers overwhelmingly prefer paper tube packaging and cardboard canister packaging.

Paper Tube Packaging Economical And Eco-Friendly

The paper has a great history of sustainability.

Paper tube packaging is a sustainable and renewable resource that comes from trees. Approximately 96% of corrugated custom flower boxes or paper cylinder packaging is recovered, and almost all of it is recycled to make new boxes such as telescopic tubes and other shipping tube. 

More than six in ten people surveyed would buy products in paper tube packaging or cardboard canisters to reuse the packaging. 78% of respondents to a recent paper and packaging survey said they are more likely to buy custom flower boxes because they are better for the environment.

Paper packaging is a top-notch solution.

Paper tube packaging has a massive impact on purchasing decisions. When shopping in supermarkets, 70% of purchasing choices are made at the point of purchase. The advantages of paper packaging on shelves include the ease with which products can display their distinctive graphics to tell a brand’s story, superior product protection, and the fact that it is easy to stack.

Paper packaging is innovative

There are few limits to what you can do with paper and cardboard canister packaging. Retail products can now be shipped in corrugated packaging that transforms into a point-of-purchase display. Molded pulp inserts can protect delicate electronic components or fresh, fragile fruit from damage during shipping. Specially coated shipping tube containers are made to contain refrigerants keep vegetables fresh during transport.

Cardboard canister can even be made waterproof

The pulp can be molded into reusable, recyclable and biodegradable beverage coolers that can survive several trips to the beach. Some brands have developed and sold packaging in which molded cardboard is wrapped around a very thin waterproof liner, resulting in liquid packaging that is lighter to transport and easier to recycle.

Paper boxes create their own user experience

One of the hottest recent trends on social media is the unboxing video, where consumers film themselves unboxing a new product and sharing the wonder of the surprise. These videos have garnered billions of views every year. One channel alone has garnered nearly 35 billion views.

Natural, recyclable and responsibly sourced, paper is ideal for embossing and printing techniques, such as offset and special inks. If you are looking for custom flower boxes, this is the solution. 

Shipping tube and poster tube 

With shipping tube or poster tube, made of high-strength cardboard, you can perfectly protect your goods from damage during transport. We use quality raw materials to guarantee the technical specifications of mandrels and tubes. To achieve this, in our advanced production process, we take into account the dimensional stability, concentricity, resistance to compression and humidity of the products. As our paper tube packaging plays a key role in various industries such as paper, plastics, construction and textiles, we manufacture technically superior honeycomb cores and tubes tailored to each use.

Why is paper tube packaging the best option for transporting delicate products?

Transporting delicate products requires special attention and extra care to reach their destination without damage. This is where cardboard paper tube packaging plays a crucial role. 

Why is a cardboard canister the best option for transporting delicate products? Here we tell you the reasons.

  • Additional protection: Cardboard packaging is flexible and can cushion shocks and vibrations during transport. This means they can protect your delicate products from damage during shipping. Additionally, many cardboard packaging comes with additional materials, such as foam or bubbles, which protect extra fragile products.
  • Easy to Customize: Cardboard packaging can easily be customized to fit your needs. You can choose the size and shape that best suits your products and customize the printing to include important information, such as handling instructions and warning labels.
  • Economical: Cardboard paper tube packaging is an economical option compared to other packaging materials, especially if it is a mass shipment. In addition, being recyclable and biodegradable, they also contribute to a more positive environmental impact.
  • Lightweight and durable: Cardboard packaging is light, which reduces shipping costs and also helps protect the environment. Additionally, they are durable and can withstand several shipping cycles before being discarded.
  • Brand image: Cardboard paper tube packaging is an effective way to strengthen your brand image. You can customize the print to include your logo and corporate colors, which helps increase brand recognition and improve your customer experience.

That is why recent studies show that paper packaging is economical, eco-friendly and a top-notch solution. So, if you’re looking for a packaging material that can significantly impact your business, look no further than paper tube packaging!

Summon up, paper tube packaging is the best option for transporting delicate products due to its ability to protect your products, sustainability, economy, durability, and positive impact on your image. so what are you waiting to order?


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Samples & prototypes

Samples help you to verify the quality of the packaging and better visualise what can be achieved with us. It allows you to make informed decisions before placing your first order, especially around size, construction, materials and print quality.

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