Prototype Mockup, Structural Tube Packaging: Model, Design, Prototyping


At UCPACK, structural packaging design is one of our key strengths. Our knowledgeable and diverse structural design team works directly with customers to understand their vision and their desired high-impact end result.

Our structural packaging design team provides solutions—original concept sketch, window die cut, end closure, 3D prototypes and function that help customers visualize and make a real decision within 24 hours.

UCPACK, custom cardboard tube, mockup
Custom Cardboard Packaging Solutions


Whether our clients’ ideas are conceptual or specific, our engineer team will actively listen to guide their vision to create and present the best structural tube packaging and display options. We also have the ability to implement EVA tray, vacuum-formed or paper insert solution to fix our clients’ products, making them have a true vision of what packaging looks like. At UCPACK, we can provide clients creative alternatives that satisfy their needs.

Complete Facility to Prototype Tailored to your Product

Our customers rely on our accelerated speed-to-market (STM) capabilities. Our design and engineer team can produce quality products according to clients’ time frames. We utilize equipment to speed up the prototyping.

Multiple CAD cutting Machine,EPSON Digital Printer for Prototype Proofing, Experienced Engineer provide a template, On-site access to pre-press,press and finishing departments for real-time interaction

Prototyping for Alternative Options

With years of experience in creating structure and outlay of designs, our prototype team can generate several attention-grabbing, alternative but functional solutions as well.

With our expertise, our team can deliver an access to product inside and protects the product integrity, both functionally and conceptually fits your product and brand.


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