Powder Packaging Tubes

Powder Packaging Tubes 100% Recyclable
And Air-tight Over 2 Years Shelf Life with
Customized Design Printed or Easily Labeled.
Sustainability And Appealing Make Your
Brands Stand Out.

Custom Printed Spice Tube Packaging

Herbs Packaging Tube, Spice Cardboard Tube Container

Herb Powder Cardboard Tube Container

Spice Sifter Cap Container Box

Spice Cardboard Jar

Sugar and Spice Container with Shaker Top

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    UCPACK Packaging Partners

    At UCPAK creating custom packaging tubes is a hassle-free process. Our custom containers not only help your brand stand out in the marketplace but also ensure compliance with food safety regulations. We offer a variety of materials, サイズ, designs and finishes to choose from. With a team of three engineers and two designers, we work closely with you to develop tailored packaging solutions. Our workforce of over 120 specializes in handling bulk orders, ensuring that UCPACK’s fully equipped tube manufacturing facility delivers on your needs. As an ISO-certified and FSC-verified factory, we provide cost-efficient packaging solutions and guarantee timely delivery of large, high-quality orders. Thanks to modern technology, creating custom powder tube packaging is now both easy and affordable, enabling businesses of all sizes to make their brands distinctively noticeable.


    Cardboard powder containers made out of 1mm thickness FSC verified kraft paper or paperboard. A cylinder tube made of spiral-wound 3ply paperboard can be sturdy and keep your product safe.
    FSC verified paper can be traced and protect our planet. We have rich experience in producing powder tube packaging for protein powders, cricket powders, cacao, baking mixes and ground coffee, powdered collagen supplements, matcha, drink mixes, pre-workouts and pretty much everything in between. With all of them, our customers had specific needs on the recyclable or biodegradable.


    We can deliver the whole package includes pouches, sachets, jars bottles, stand up bags and composite cans or canister for drink powder including THC cannabis powder. The go-to options for cost-effective and retail-ready solutions. Available in variety of shapes and sizes. Canister are easily adaptable and offer consumers scoop storage convenience. Moisture barrier protection with wax or aluminum liner, peelable aluminum caps and tin sealed bottom dis. All materials composed of cans can be recyclable and eco-friendly.


    Our packaging capabilities encompass everything your product needs to succeed, including single-serve and multi-serve options in powder packaging. We leverage our intelligence and offer packaging recommendations based on your technical specifications, cost targets and marketing plans, extra service or hand pack capacities can be provided. Also keep in pace with the new raw material by working with closely with famous brands in all sorts of industries.


    What is the minimum for getting my powder carton container labeled or custom printed?

    If you just buy white, black or kraft cardboard tubes at stock, then labeled on. Minimum quantity is 500pcs. But if you need custom design printed on minimum quantity is 1000pcs.

    容器のサイズが全く分かりません. サイズが合うかどうかはどうすればわかりますか?

    はい! All of our materials are food grade and our boxes models to ensure your chocolate stay safety for long time.

    How can I seal the powder packaging tubes?

    弊社の所要時間は 5-25 営業日. 航空便での配達時間はわずかです 7 日々. より良いアイデアについては、当社の営業担当者にご相談ください。.

    Can my coffee or cocoa powder, touch the packaging tube directly?

    きっと! 量産前にカスタマイズされたチョコレートボックスを提供できることを嬉しく思います. サンプル料金は全額返金され、完了します。 3 に 7 日々.

    How much for protein powder packaging design?

    We certainly do. Our engineers are ready to add clear window to showcase your chocolates. Add window patching to your custom chocolate packaging designs.

    What is your factory's capacity? How fast we can receive the container?

    We certainly do. Our engineers are ready to add clear window to showcase your chocolates. Add window patching to your custom chocolate packaging designs.