Manufactured in UCPACK (FSCおよびISO認定工場)

A butt joint tube refers to a connection where two tubes or pipes are joined end-to-end without any overlapping or additional connectors. It will disclose at the top of the base. When closed, this gives us a flush finish.

Thickness: 1 to 1.2mm.

材料: 100% recyclable white or brown Kraft, CCNB, black card or ivory card, layers of 350gsm papers winding into 1mmm or 1.2mm thickness. Printing paper is 120gsm Kraft paper, texture paper, or 157gsm art paper. Fabric wrapped in PU leather.

Standard inner diameters: from 12mm to 450mm

Printing: screen printing, offset printing, or UV printing

仕上げ: Anti-Scratchy, Soft Touch, Window-Punched, Spot UV, ホットスタンプ, Embossing/Debossing

MOQ: 1pcs for sample order, 100pcs for trial order

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バットジョイントボール紙管: An Essential Component in Packaging

A butt joint cardboard tube is a specific type of cylindrical packaging product where the ends of the tube are joined together without overlapping, creating a seamless and smooth connection. This method of joining ensures that the tube maintains its structural integrity while providing a clean and aesthetically pleasing finish. In the realm of cardboard tube packaging, the precision and quality of the joints are critical, especially for products that demand high standards of appearance and durability. The butt joint technique is particularly favored in applications where the uniformity of the tube’s circumference is crucial, such as in high-quality packaging solutions.

Understanding Butt Joint Cardboard Tubes

A butt joint cardboard tube is a type of cylindrical packaging where the ends of the tube meet seamlessly without overlapping. This technique results in a smooth and uniform joint, which is crucial for maintaining the tube’s structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. In the world of cardboard tube packaging, the quality and precision of the joints are paramount, especially for products that require high standards of appearance and durability. The butt joint method ensures that the tube retains its shape and strength, making it ideal for a wide range of packaging applications.

The Necessity and Applications of Butt Joint Cardboard Tubes

The need for butt joint cardboard tubes stems from their versatile applications across various industries. These tubes are widely used in packaging sectors such as cosmetics, food, powder and other industrial goods. Their robust structure provides excellent protection for the contents, while the seamless joints eliminate weak points that could compromise the integrity of the packaging. Moreover, these tubes can be customized in terms of size, thickness, and surface finish, which is essential for branding and marketing. As businesses increasingly seek sustainable packaging solutions, cardboard tube packaging has emerged as a preferred choice, offering an eco-friendly alternative without compromising on quality or functionality.

ユーパック: Your Trusted Partner in Paper Tube Packaging

At UCPACK, we are committed to delivering top-notch paper tube packaging solutions. Our factory is verified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and ISO9001 certified, ensuring that our products meet stringent standards of sustainability and quality. With a workforce of 120 skilled employees and cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, we can produce a wide range of cardboard tubes tailored to our clientsspecific needs. Whether you need standard or custom designs, our team is dedicated to providing innovative packaging solutions that enhance your product’s presentation and protection. Partnering with UCPACK means you can trust in our commitment to sustainability, excellence, and customer satisfaction.


いつでも以内にご返信いたします 24 時間


いつもの, でサンプルをお届けできます 3 日々


以上で 20 経験豊富なワーカーがあなたの注文をコミットする準備ができています


当社は ISO および FSC 認証済みのサプライヤーであることを誇りに思っています


数十年の開発を経て, 内径12mmから内径450mmを超える金型まで、数千の金型を取り揃えております。




3 120gsmのクラフト紙を何層にも重ねて撚り合わせ、厚さ1.2mmのボール紙管にしました。











1. 見積もりを取得


2. アートワークを完成させる


3. プロトタイピングを取得する

  • 製品に適合するかどうかをテストするために提供される無地の白またはクラフトのサンプル
  • レイアウトや色合いを確認するためのデジタル印刷サンプル
  • オフセット印刷のプレサンプルは量産と同様に承認される, 私たちは文書を発行し始めました

4. 量産に乗り出す

当社生産部門が試作をフォローし、量産を進めていきます。. いつもの, コミットできます 50,000 中のチューブ 15 営業日. 出荷前にQCレポートが提供されます.

5. 貨物を入手する

当社の物流チームがドアツードアの航空または海上輸送を手配します。. 航空便の発送には1週間ほどかかります, 海上輸送には通常時間がかかりますが、 45 日々.

About butt joint tubes, how fast you can deliver them to us?

サンプル用, で終わることができます 3 または 5 日々. And it takes extra 3 飛行機で到着するまでの日数. 量産用, we can commit to ordering about 50,000pcs within 15 日々. 海上輸送にはさらに時間がかかります 45 戸別訪問の日々. For any urgency, we strongly advise some portion delivered by air.

Can you make the inserts out of paper or other compostable material?

はい! We can make a platform 100% out of paper or even paper pulp to keep the product inside safe. Or our engineer can figure out a solution without any paper insert to keep bottles not falling out.

Can you make the lid not too hard or too loose to open?

はい! If the lid is too hard, it easily gets breaking at the edge. If it is too loose, the base falls off! We need to keep control right from the beginning of winding the tube, keep a certain temperature, and most importantly is to make the mold perfect both lid and base.


いつもの, it is a 30% deposit and a 70% balance before shipment. Welcome quality check before shipment. If you need to pay the balance after the tubes are received and checked, please discuss it with our sales team.


はい! We offer customized samples or samples in stock both. カスタマイズされたものであれば, で終わることができます 3 日々. A sample charge of about USD$50.00 is required, fully refunded after the order is placed.

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