Build trust with packaging for glass bottles

When online influencer IMMUNOCOLOGIE(IMCG) needs packaging tubes to present the trademarks thoroughly, they came to UCPACK with 12 different sizes of bottles to discuss the paper tube’s structure, materials, and logistics.

The Problem

(IMCG) came to UCPACK with a specific packaging need: All packaging tubes can both mailed to customers safely and presented in the cabinet neatly.

The bottom of the package keeps its height less than 1 inch to hold the glass bottle. Meanwhile, customers can see the trademarks. The bottle filled with cream maximum can be over 500g, the bottom can not fall while lift tubes. Most importantly, all material has to be ECO friendly.

UCPACK, custom cardboard tube, Immunocologie


The biggest challenge UCPACK had was dealing with 12 different huge sizes of glass bottles to be fixed tight in custom printing paper tubes without any molded tray like a sponge, blister, or EVA. One of them is only 30mm in Height. IMGC did not want customers to complain bottles came out during travel. The bottles have to stand still, even upside down. Besides, we need to work harder to improve: The black frame needs to be calibrated at the perfect center with just 0.5mm off accepted. The top circle of the platform made out of paper can easily collapse as it almost can not be glued.

The bottle keeps still because necked by the ring. How to make a circle strongly adhesive is crucial. The box is white, the twists underneath are so visible, and the whole package does not look premium. To keep up with the pace of IMGC products, UCPACK’s sales team also works hard on logistics and shipping options to make sure their new packaging arrives at the high street retails shops on time.

UCPACK, custom cardboard tube, Immunocologie
UCPACK, custom cardboard tube, Immunocologie


UCPACK created a much more efficient package strategy that solves each issue and ultimately boosted IMGC online business. One of the first steps was consolidating tube sizes for each glass bottle, especially the tiny bottles about 1 inch high, by creating white mockup samples with paper inserts. After the dummy passed through tests, our team generates the templates of each paper tube, so the black frame foiled can be a perfect center, also not slanted.

We improve the method to make the spirals not appear on the paper core, plus thicker paper (200gsm white ivory) coated on, so the whole packaging tube looks clean and neat. Spirals gone. An extra of small tubes sits upright below the top of the circle as a pillar makes bottles standstill as a rock.

UCPACK, custom cardboard tube, Immunocologie solutions
UCPACK, custom cardboard tube, Build trust with packaging for glass bottles


It has been five years since we worked on the first perfume bottle tube packages, and IMGC brand recognitions online have increased. The unified newPackaging has open new opportunities for distribution with big retailers. IMGC is growing fast and popularized in New York City.

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