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Cardboard tubes are such a common thing, right? We don’t even notice them when they’re at our home. We simply toss them in the trash after we use their content. And who knew these seemingly useless things could be used for various purposes after you use them? Nobody did.

Especially if you are trying to cut some costs around the house with décor and other items, cardboard tubes are the perfect thing to use.

Cardboard Tubes for Everyday Use Around Home

Here is how you can repurpose them:

Organize Scarves and Ties

Closet organization can be so difficult, especially when it comes to accessories like scarves and ties. But you can use a paper tube for your solution. Slide your scarves or ties through the tubes and store them upright in a drawer or on a shelf. This keeps them wrinkle-free and easy to find. And the best part about this organization is that you won’t lose your favorite scarfs in the pile of scarfs anymore.

Keep Wrapping Paper Neat

Wrapping paper can quickly become a tangled mess if not stored properly. To keep it neat, slit a cardboard tube lengthwise and slide it over the roll of wrapping paper. This prevents the paper from unrolling and getting wrinkled or torn. You can also use a smaller tube for ribbon spools to keep them tidy and tangle-free. Don’t forget to cut the sides of the tube to make it into a proper storage tube.

Make a Cat Toy

If you have a furry friend at home, they’ll appreciate a new toy made from a cardboard tube. You know how cats adore things made out of plastic shopper or cardboard? So, cut the tube into smaller rings and connect them to form a ball. You can even place a small bell or some catnip inside to make it more intriguing to play with. Your cat will have a blast batting it around, and you’ll have a happy pet without spending a dime.

Build a Marble Run

Kids love marble runs, and you can create various designs using cardboard tubes. Cut the tubes in half lengthwise and attach them to a large piece of cardboard or a wall using tape. Arrange them in a way that creates a path for the marbles to roll down. All you need is a board with a slope (stick one big and one small piece of wood on both sides to make a slope), and then paste the cutouts on it with various openings so that your marble rolls down from it.

Make a Toothbrush Holder

Transform a cardboard tube into a handy toothbrush holder for your bathroom. Cut the tube to the desired height, then decorate it with paint, washi tape, or fabric to match your bathroom decor. You can even cut small holes into the bottom for drainage. Place the tube upright in a cup or attach it to the stand with waterproof tape, and you’ve got a neat, eco-friendly way to store your toothbrushes. Since our poster tubes are sturdy enough, they will withstand the moisture and give your bathroom the color pop that it needs.

By deciding to use cardboard tubes for around your house, you will realize there are hundreds of things you can make with it. All you need is a creative eye that will find use of cardboard tubes. So next time you finish your cardboard packaged deodorant, or ash scattering tubes or paper towels, think twice before throwing the tube away—it just might be your next great DIY project!


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