Herbs and Spice Packaging

Herbs and Spice Packaging Tubes Composed of 100%
Recyclable Kraft Paper and Air-Tight Peelable End Caps.
Wide Range of Paper Plastic or Caps. Customized Appealing
Designs and Brand New look Will Add on Value and
Sustainability to Your Brand.

UCPACK, custom cardboard tube,Food Grade 32 Assortments Custom Round Chocolate Packaging Box

Food Grade Custom Round Chocolate Box

UCPACK, custom cardboard tube, Candy Paper Round Box

Candy Paper Round Box

UCPACK, custom cardboard tube, Chocolate Round Gift Box

Round Chocolate Boxes | Chocolate Round Gift Boxes

UCPACK, custom cardboard tube, Macaroon Round Gift Box

Macaroon Round Gift Box

UCPACK, custom cardboard tube, Macaroon Cookie Packaging

Macaroon Cookie Packaging | Paper Cookie Gift Box

UCPACK, custom cardboard tube, Custom Dark Blue Chocolate Box

Custom Dark Blue Chocolate Box

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Plastic Sifter Options

Plastic Sifter, Natural Plastic Sifter Fitments

Plastic Sifter, Natural Plastic Sifter Fitments

Plastic Sifter, Natural Plastic Double Sifter Fitments

Plastic Sifter, White PE Plastic Sifter Caps

UCPACK Packaging Partners

As a leading paper tube packaging factory. UCPACK is committed to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our team of experts works tirelessly to design and manufacture packaging that not only protects and preserves your products but also enhances your brand’s image in herbs and spice packaging. We provide customized design, air-tight seals, food grade material and liners. With over 12 workers and full facility of manufacturing paper tube packaging, our capacity is over 1 million pieces per month and compliance with food grade packaging standards.


Cardboard containers, often in the form of paper tubes, are increasingly popular choice for packaging spice and herbs. These containers are designed to provide an eco-friendly, durable, and visually appealing solution for storing and preserving the quality of spice and herbs.
Cardboard containers for spices and herbs offer several strengths over Mylar pouches, particularly in terms of eco-friendliness, aesthetic appeal, structural integrity, and user experience. While Mylar pouches excel in providing superior barrier properties and cost-effectiveness, cardboard containers present a sustainable and visually attractive alternative, that can enhance brand perception and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.


As a paper tube packaging factory, you can offer a variety of services to meet the diverse needs of your clients in spice and herbs industry. Here are some key services you can provide.
Custom Designs and Branding: We offer a wide range of sizes and shapes, full color printing and embossing/foiling, texture finishes.
Sustainable Packaging Solutions: Eco-friendly material and sustainable practices including product processes.
Protective Features: Air-tight seal and inner lining and UV protection, easy to open and reseal Window die-cut and stack able design.
Quick Turnaround Times: Bulk and Small Batches order can be catered to 120 workers can provide high quality spice and herb containers are pleased to work closely with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way for spice packaging?

Spice and herbs stay fresh longer in glass containers, airtight cans, plastic pouches and even eco-friendly spice packaging like paper cans can be over whelming. As paper jars can be 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, less harm  on the environment while producing the paper jars compared to the glass jar. Paper canister  are becoming appealing to the customers.

How do your paper tube containers protect the contents?

Our containers are designed with air-tight seals and food-grade inner linings to prevent moisture, air, and light from compromising the quality of the spices and herbs. This ensures the contents remain fresh and flavorful for an extended period.

Can your packaging be customized?

Yes, we offer fully customizable packaging solutions. This includes different sizes and shapes, full-color printing, embossing, foiling, textured finishes, and window cut-outs. We can also help with graphic design and branding to make your packaging stand out.

Are your packaging solutions eco-friendly?

Absolutely. Our paper tube containers are made from recyclable and biodegradable materials. We are committed to sustainability and use environmentally friendly production processes.

What is the minimum order quantity for custom packaging?

We offer flexibility in order quantities, catering to both small artisanal producers and large-scale retailers. Contact us with your specific requirements, and we will accommodate your needs.

How do you ensure the quality of your packaging?

We implement strict quality control measures throughout the production process. Our quality assurance team conducts thorough inspections to ensure all packaging meets high standards of safety and durability.

Can I get a sample or prototype before placing a full order?

Yes, we provide prototypes and samples to help you visualize and test the packaging before committing to a full-scale production run. This allows you to make any necessary adjustments to the design.

How long does it take to produce and deliver the packaging?

We strive to offer quick turnaround times while maintaining high quality. The exact production and delivery time will depend on the order size and customization requirements. We will provide you with an estimated timeline once we have all the details of your order.

Are your packaging solutions suitable for both retail and bulk storage?

Yes, our packaging solutions are versatile and can be used for both retail and bulk storage. We design our containers to be user-friendly, easy to open and reseal, and suitable for stacking and storage in various environments.

What are the benefits of using paper tube packaging over other types?

Paper tube packaging is eco-friendly, aesthetically appealing, and provides excellent protection for spices and herbs. Unlike plastic or Mylar pouches, paper tubes offer a premium look and feel, are easier to recycle, and align with sustainable practices. They also provide sturdy protection and can be customized extensively to enhance your brand’s image.

How do I place an order or get more information?

You can contact us through our website, email, or phone to discuss your packaging needs, request samples, or place an order. Our customer service team is ready to assist you with any questions and guide you through the process.