Custom Cosmetic Tube Packaging

Learn More about Our Capabilities on Cosmetics Tube Packaging

From high-end luxury printing and packaging to sustainable and eco-friendly solutions, our team can collaborate and deliver your custom cosmetic packaging vision into real life, enhancing your prestige and mass brands.

Donc, whether you want to create an all-natural deodorant solution or are starting sourcing a second packaging for your new skincare line, we will be here to help you to walk through all-tube packaging processes to make you released and have confidence on us.

UCPACK, tube en carton personnalisé, Cosmétique
UCPACK, tube en carton personnalisé, Cosmétique
  • We work with branded health and beauty companies seeking the perfect combination of print and structural design to make their product packaging stand out in a crowded marketplace.
  • We have a pressroom with 6 colors UV printing machine, designed for metallic color printing, mostly used in beauty and health packaging.
  • Hermetic composite can machine’s feeding is 10k/per day. we also have an understanding of strict testing and validations, like ultraviolet ray sterilize facility, high-low temperature test machine, making sure all products received no moisture or printed paper off glued.
  • We have a complete quality control system from the raw material into complete tubes. Each process is into ERP system with all clear tracking to walk you through the lead time and quality assurance.



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