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Do you have E-catalog of different tubes you produce?

We can produce different sorts of paper tubes. Mostly there are several styles below:

  • 1-piece tubes with tin or plastic cap closures.
  • 2-two piece telescoping tubes where cap fits on the top of base when the tube is closed. We can do flat or rolled edge at the top and bottom, or tin cap or bottom.
  • 3-piece telescoping tubes where the cap fits on the top of “shoulder” for a flip-flap look. These tubes can have a rolled/flat top or bottom edge, tin cap or bottom.
  • Half round lid hinged cardboard tube.
  • Double doors open left and right instead of top or bottom.
  • Oval paper tube.
  • Rectangle with rounded corner paper tubes.
  • Elliptical paper tubes.
  • Trapezoid paper tubes.

What sizes of tube can you provide?

It all depends on the style of tubes. We can produce tubes in customized size, long or short ones. But if printed tubes,maximum length is 1250mm, or diameter is 420Hmm. If cardboard mailing tube, no limit on the length.

What is minimum order for tube orders?

It all depends on what sort of tubes you looking for. If you need just eco friendly tube without any printing, MOQ can be 1pcs.

For customized paper tube packaging, our engineer needs to time to setup the dimension, model fitting, outlay of artwork and etc., there is a 500pcs minimum order quantity for custom-made tube.

Are your tubes can be food grade or food safe?

Our tubes are safe for dry goods that does not require shelf-life sustainability, but can not wet food. FDA or FSC raw paper certificate report can be offered. Many of our customers already placed order on us with dry pet food, salt, coffee bean products, though we always advise our clients to put a airtight sealed bag and paper tube as a secondary packaging.

Currently we have not certified to GMP for the food industry needs. But we are strongly supportive and collaborative with You to manufacture food quality products based on the standard of your country.

Do you make push-up tubes for cosmetics/lip balm/deodorant?

Yes, we offer push-up tubes with a free-moving bottom disc featuring oil-proof wax paper lining for cosmetic and skincare products.

Additionally, we can create custom push-up tubes built to your specifications. Minimum order quantity for custom push-up tubes is 1000 pcs. If you happen to have various flavors with small quantity to launch into the market, we are please to offer just kraft or white/black tube with printed sticker on.

Leak test can be passed through.

We recommend that you test your product with a few samples before committing to a larger quantity. Push-up tubes may not work with all products. Some test samples at stock can be free. Please contact us for sizes available.

Are your tubes eco-friendly?

It depends on your definition of “eco-friendly”.

All of our tubes mainly made of kraft paper or ivory paperboard with FSC certificate offered, they are reusable, recyclable,And biodegradable and contain no plastic whatsoever.

Refer to custom-made tubes, we will always evaluate the artworks together with function of your tubes. If your brand is eco-conscious, we strongly recommend uncoated kraft or virgin paper with eco friendly ink to reduce tube packaging impact. Meanwhile, printing comes out better in coated paper than uncoated paper. when you need to enhance your brand, using packaging tubes with various finishes like spot uv, soft touching, gold/silver stamped, we have to do lamination made of plastic film. It is not plastic free. And it is almost impossible to eliminate plastic from outer lamination on coated paper. And Inner greaseproof liner like wax, aluminum paper is impossible to be recyclable for cosmetic products like lip balms and deodorants.

Printed tubes usually made of 1.2mm wall thickness. It may not break down to the extent necessary within the required period of time. we just don’t know if they’ll meet the criteria we spend the time and money for the test. Regardless of this, we will work with you to ensure your tube packaging has the smallest ecological footprint. We’re also happy to work with you on the testing, if you choose to do it yourself.

Can I get tubes made with material other than paper?

YES! We have a great variety of materials besides paper. We can make custom tubes using cloth, PU leather, fabric, velvet, PET, PVC etc.. We have rich experience in using materials to which work best to meet your packaging project’s desires.

Can you make airtight tubes?

YES! We can produce airtight composite paper cans with peelable aluminum membrane closure. We usually pack one piece tube with cap separately from the base tin bottom. Your packaging and fulfillment partner should have proper

Equipment to seal the bottom after fulfillment done.

Can you make child-resistant packaging tubes?

YES! We can produce child-resistant packaging tubes, in compliance with CPSC compliant. We have at least over 5 Different child resistant non-patented packaging solutions. If you have a patented packaging solution, we are always collaborative on producing with the NDA document.

What is your turnaround time?

For custom orders, pre-production prototypes take about 1 week to produce.

Once approved, mass production lead time is approximately 2-4 weeks, depending on order quantity, tube structure and if tin mold available. For a tin cap molded, it takes 18 days to make a mold.

Shipping times depend on location and shipping method chosen. Our factory location is in Dongguan, close to Shenzhen or Guangzhou, usually air shipment takes 7-15 days, while sea shipment is 3-5 weeks.

What is your minimum order quantity?

If you are looking for tubes ready made with stock tubes, minimum quantity is 1pcs.

If you are sourcing customized tubes, normally our minimum quantity is 500pcs built to detailed specification or more. But if you are looking for aluminum airtight membrane tube with customized mold we do not have, it will be over 18 days at least on mold. Please talk with our sales consultants and we will offer you best options.

What is the procedure of ordering a customized tube?

Please let us know size of tube by diameter x height, quantity, finish and other types of customization as much detailed as possible, so we can offer you a quotation.

will send you a template to fill design in. when final work confirmed and order placed, we will setup a prototype for your approval before mass production.

Shipping times depend on location and shipping method chosen. Our factory location is in Dongguan, close to Shenzhen or Guangzhou, usually air shipment takes 7-15 days, while sea shipment is 3-5 weeks.

How do you to keep our tubes safely during international transportation?

For mostly orders, we will pack tubes with separate opp bags especially for black tubes in case of scratching, gold foiling etc. comes off as we need to pack tubes tight inside the K=K strong shipping cartons. Also, we palletize all each shipping carton with four corners protected with over 2mm wall thickness square corner protectors.

Sometimes for mixed different SKU designs of tubes, we will not pack the remainder from each design mixed in a shipping carton in case of any trouble.

So the shipping carton will stuffed with foam or wrapping papers.

Can I get a sample?

If you are looking for a customized sample, please talk with our sales consultants for details like size, tube style, artwork etc.

Our engineer will make a prototype with digital printed. If we have mold at stock, usually it is just usd55.00/pc, but if no mold, we can find similar sizes at first with same price. A customized mold cost usd100.00/per size, usually it takes 5 days to make a mold.

If you want a tube to test if fits your product, it is free for sizes at stock without any printing. But delivery charge collected.

For mass production order placed, we can credit sample charge, excluding shipping cost toward your purchase.

If I order a second run or additional products, can I get a discount on my subsequent orders?

If subsequent orders are same, we do not need extra extension of our work flow.

It surely can save some cost, we are Pleased to offer discounts. However, if artwork, sizes, quantity not kept same, we have to update new price. .

Big volume surely can be much better unit price. If your subsequent order can be kept same for a long time, please.

Consider to put quantities of several years into one order. Besides, we can offer inhouse storage for free over 3 months and tubes can be kept in good quality over 1 year.

Can paper tube be waterproof?

It depends on your standard of the waterproof. If no heated water, it can be waterproof inside with printed outside In good condition over 20 days at least. But if tube under moisture environment like refrigerator, it can not work.

What is your payment term?

30% deposit, balance before shipment is what we usually proceed. If any concern about quality, 3rd party QC check is warmly welcomed.

If you want to pay balance after tubes received, we are pleased to proceed with Alibaba security payment.

If purchase order is big, L/C is also a good option.

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