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The Art of Cremation and Keeping Loved Ones Close for Eternity

Our connections with loved ones are woven into the very fabric of our existence. This is life, and it is not fair, as we sometimes grieve the loss of our loved ones. As we go through the balance of life and death, the question arises of how we can keep our loved ones with us after they have left this world, and it is this question where we usually find ourselves helpless.  


In recent times, an alternative to traditional burial has gained prominence; cremation. It can be the answer to the question of how we can keep our loved ones near us after they leave us; we can keep them in scattering tubes. The people might not come back to us, but at least their ashes can still be with us.

But how exactly does cremation work, and why can it be the answer to our woes of losing a loved one? Let’s take a look.

1. The Science of Cremation:

Cremation, often considered an ancient practice, is a transformative process that turns the physical form of a person into ashes. While the thought of it may evoke mixed emotions, understanding the alchemy behind cremation can offer solace. The body is respectfully returned to its elemental state and put into scattering tubes for ashes, symbolizing a return to the very essence from which life springs.

scattering tubes

2. Liberation from the Earthly Tether:

One of the compelling reasons to consider cremation is its liberation. Unlike burial, where the body is interred in the ground, cremation allows the departed to become a part of the elements. The ashes can be scattered in locations that the deceased loved most, or they can be kept in cremation tubes, which are cylinder like deodorant tubes, allowing the spirit to be free and be in continuous connection with the world they have loved ones in.

deodorant tubes

3. Personalized Memorialization:

Cremation opens the door to a world of personalized memorialization. You can keep the ashes in beautiful urns, symbolizing the person you lost. You can also make the urns the centerpieces of your home to remember your loved ones even when you are busy.

4. The Green Footprint:

In a time when environmental consciousness is at its peak, cremation presents an eco-friendly option compared to traditional burials. The resources required for cremation are significantly lower, and the land spared from burials can be preserved. As our collective awareness of environmental sustainability is improving, our choices should also improve, and what better choice than cremation?

5. Fluidity in Rituals:

Cremation allows for a fluidity in memorialization rituals. Families can choose when and where to hold memorial services, offering flexibility and the opportunity to celebrate a life in a manner that resonates with the departed person’s personality. This adaptability creates an environment where grief can be processed in a way that feels most authentic to those left behind.

6. A Source of Comfort:

For many, the thought of keeping a physical connection with the departed is a source of comfort. The decision of either scattering the ashes in a significant place or keeping them nearby is of the mourners. The ashes work as a reminder that the essence of our loved ones can go beyond time and space.

7. Continuation of the Circle of Life:

Cremation aligns with the cyclical nature of life. Just as we emerge from the elements, cremation completes the circle by returning us to the same elemental embrace. It shows us the importance of the life cycle that we often forget. We are all connected to the eternal cycle of life and death, and this is what connects us all.

Choosing cremation after a loved one has left the world can be a difficult decision. Still, it is a decision which can bring you solace and comfort of keeping your loved one nearby or scattering their ashes in a memorable place.

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