Control de calidad

UCPACK, tubo de cartón personalizado, quality control

Quality Assurance IQC, IPQC, QA, OQC

In compliance with High-Quality Packaging Systems ISO9001

We comply with a very high standard of quality control on our products under ISO9001 certification. Various Stages of the quality check from raw material (kraft or cardboard) into printing, die-cutting, finishes and finally finished paper tubes are done with sophisticated testing equipment to ensure that quality inspection pass through before delivery to our customers.

All of our tubes are manufactured from 100% recyclable paperboard, custom made

to our specifications, from the best-in-class In China. We hold all of our raw material suppliers to strict tolerances to produce a high-quality consistent product for our customers.

The UCPACK quality control system is in effect for inspecting and testing all raw materials before and during processing. This system assures that the material continues to meet the physical, chemical, functional, visual, and dimensional requirements needed for the customer. Listed below are a few of the tests on raw materials and finished products. Detailed information on these tests and quality checks are contained in our “Quality Assurance Manua

UCPACK, tubo de cartón personalizado, quality control

Checks Performed on Process in the UCPACK quality control process:

  • Basis Weight of Paperboard
  • Tensile Strength and Tear Resistance
  • Caliper (thickness of paper)
  • Glue Test (Glue adherence in hot/cold atmosphere )
  • Printed Paper (Print and Finish effect check)
  • Tinplate function and molded install on tubes
  • Alignment on lid and base perfect
  • Snugness lid and base
  • Lid and Base’s Pads do not fall off under punch or crush

Quality Control Process Performed on Manufacturing Process in the UCPACK:

Once an order is received, the sales consultant will upload all details into a cloud-based ERP-driven system, Our team will have meetings discussing all details throughout the manufacturing process along, meanwhile, engineer reports assembling details including die cut molds, assembling methods to the system. Each process needs to be signed and kept in record.

Wall thickness, quantity, and length are inspected for quality at the startup in the winding department.

Printing is under a strict color monitoring system, All printed sheets with various finishes are tested before going to the assembling line.

Mold diet has to be signed by supervisor and engineer together, making sure alignment, center outlay perfectly while over 10 tubes of different sizes on one sheet.

PQC is about an hour on the check, keeping a record of both quality and efficiency. Each step of assembling, rolling, winding, coating, etc.. signed by the engineer and PQC before mass production.

Mostly orders of paper tubes packed in K=K shipping cartons, palletize and corner protections. QC check finished products based on AQL 1.0 standard

Alignment on lid and base perfect

Snugness lid and base

Lid and Base’s Pads do not fall off under punch or crus

UCPACK, tubo de cartón personalizado, quality control

IPQC is critical in making sure all kraft paper or paper board are in compliance with the standard: weight, resistance, and strength. Meanwhile, checking the products from other vendors are in good status and numbers are correct before forwarding into final fulfillment.

UCPACK, tubo de cartón personalizado, quality control
Inline QC

Inline QC is extremely important in checking each step of the whole process like printing quality, die-cut, rolling, mounting, etc.. They can react quickly after finding defectives and keep the factory runs smoothly.

UCPACK, tubo de cartón personalizado, quality control
Final QA

Final QA will check 1%-3% of each order, comparing the prototype and final products. Defective categorized into critical, major and minor, all issues cleared on the internal QC report and submitted to customer service before 3rd party checks or delivery.

UCPACK, tubo de cartón personalizado, quality control

Making sure each shipping boxes are sealed, strapped and palletized correctly, making sure container loaded perfectly and offer Packing List on time.

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