Custom Cannabis Packaging Solutions for Pre-Rolls, Concentrates, and More

Your recreational cannabis needs innovative, safe and child-resistant packaging

In recently years, the cannabis market has exploded in both size and offering, not only is the market overall on the rise, but new products constantly being developed to meet client’s demand.

In this ever-changing, intense-competitive market with unpredictable government regulations, you need an experienced packaging provider can offer innovative and safe cbd packaging solutions to feature your brands and products while getting into market fast to generate income.

UCPACK, tubo de cartón personalizado, cannabis

Innovative Medical & Recreational Cannabis Packaging Development

UCPACK specializes in the great variety of tube packaging and innovative packaging solutions for cannabis products such as vape pens, cartridge, pre-rolls, oils, concentrate, hemp, herb, tincture, dabs, distillates and merchandise.

Manufacture Sustainable Cost Effective Child-Resistant Packaging

As cannabis products are increasingly legalized for both medical and recreational uses, one of the most Prevailing state requirement is for cannabis companies to have childresistant packaging certified to USA federal testing procedure 16CFR Part 1700.

So far our engineer has been trying to put packaging and structural design into action to produce a sort of child resistant packaging. But we just get a test report from China. If you are interested in. please click For asking more details.

Hoy, more and more cannabis products require child-proof packaging. UCPACK has been working hard to keep pace with the market demands by featuring advanced packaging technology such as structure innovation on the open and shutter button. Working closely with a leading distributor in the USA, we have over at least 10+ packaging options on child-resistant. If you are having a packaging challenge, we are here to help. With a deep understanding of standards and rich experience on the structure of tubes, we can make sure your packaging can be safe, sustainable, and recycled.

UCPACK, tubo de cartón personalizado, cannabis
Tubo de junta a tope
Some sustainable packaging techniques we
used for our child-resistant packaging include

Sustainable paper raw materials: FSC-certificated materials

Eco-friendly finishes and decorative options like embossing/debossing, cold foiled

Innovative child-resistant packaging designs that use less material without compromising packaging Integrity,

Even the button we use on child-resistant packaging is composed of recyclable PET instead of PVC


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