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Home is where the heart is, and there is nothing that can replace home or the comfort that it provides us. But, an empty building can’t bring you the feeling of home –it is the personal touches that makes all the difference in the world.

But for personal touches, it’s important to do some DIY projects and place them around the house. You can also do these DIY projects with your kids or spouse to make them more meaningful.


DIY Ideas for Your Home

Upcycled Furniture

Give old furniture a new lease on life with some creative upcycling. Whether it’s a tired old dresser or a boring coffee table, a bit of paint, new hardware, or some creative alterations can make a world of difference. For example, turn a vintage suitcase into a chic side table, use leftover tiles to create a mosaic tabletop or use coins (vintage and antique) on the table and cover with epoxy. Be creative!


  • Paint It: Choose a bold colour or a pattern, like stripes
  • Change Hardware: Swap out old knobs and handles for something more modern or vintage.
  • Add Decoupage: Use wallpaper or fabric to cover drawer fronts or tabletops and cover with a protective layer.

DIY Plant Wall

Bringing a bit of nature indoors can dramatically change the atmosphere of a room. A plant wall not only looks stunning but also indoor air quality and adds a touch of calmness. You don’t need a green thumb to create one; even a simple arrangement of hanging pots or mounted shelves with potted plants can make a big impact.


  1. Choose a wall with good light.
  2. Install shelves, cardboard tubes or hanging rods.
  3. Select some adorable indoor plants with different colors and sizes.
  4. Arrange the plants, and since they will be smaller plants, you don’t need to give them a lot of space to grow. 

Custom Light Fixtures

From industrial-style pendant lights made from pipes to elegant chandeliers crafted from old mason jars and round deodorant tubes, the options are vast. Lighting really affects the mood of the room.


  • Mason Jar Chandeliers: Use a cluster of mason jars with string lights inside.  
  • Geometric Pendants: Create a frame from copper pipes and hang a simple bulb inside.  
  • Round Deodorant Tubes: Cut small holes in the tubes, put fairy lights in each tube, paint them, and hang them from the wall.  
  • Driftwood Lamps: Attach a bulb fixture to a piece of driftwood for a rustic touch.

Creative Wall Art

Why settle for store-bought art when you can create your own? DIY wall art allows you to show your inner artist (like Pam did in ‘The Office’) and match your decor perfectly. You can make family painting (on a glass by printing hands on them and labeling with names), create murals or add adorable patterns to the home.


  1. Decide on what you want to draw or paint
  2. Gather your materials – canvas, paints, stencils, etc.
  3. Sketch out your design lightly.
  4. Paint or apply your design, layer by layer, if necessary.

Personalized Textiles

Textiles like cushions, throws, and curtains can add warmth and color to a room. Personalize them by sewing your own, using fabric paints, or even tie-dyeing. Getting custom textiles made


  • Hand-Painted Cushions: Use fabric paint to create unique designs.  
  • Tie-Dye Throws: Experiment with different colors and patterns.  
  • Sewn Curtains: Choose a fabric that complements your room’s color scheme and sew simple curtains or valances. You can also paint your curtains.

Statement Mirrors

Mirrors can make a space feel larger and brighter. Create a statement mirror that reflects your creativity. You can frame a plain mirror with reclaimed wood, create a sunburst design with dowels, or embellish the edges with seashells or pebbles or maybe you can create a pattern at corners with round boxes and paints.


  1. Choose a plain mirror in the size you want.  
  2. Gather materials for the art like paints, round boxes cut in shape of leaves or anything else you want, pearls, sequins, etc. 
  3. Attach the decorations using a strong adhesive. 
  4. Hang it somewhere where it will catch and reflect light.

Handmade Candle Holders

If you are a candle lover just like us, then you will want to put candles all around your home, and you will also know that candles and their holders are pretty expensive. So, a good idea is to make those holders (and the candles) yourself. You can use glass jars, round candle box or toothpicks to create your candle stand.


  1. Get old glass jars, candle box or toothpicks (join toothpicks in a geometric design to create a small stand)
  2. Decorate them with paint or graceful lace
  3. Put tea-light candles or handmade candles into your stand.

DIY décor can be a fun way to decorate your home while saving money and ensuring quality time spent with family. We don’t think that anything can go wrong with doing DIY projects at home. All you need is some wild and creative imagination, and you’ll be all set!


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