Paper Tubes Packaging

UCPACK, a leading paper tube manufacturer since 2015, offers customizable packaging solutions. With an annual output exceeding US$2.5 million and a monthly capacity of 500,000 pieces, we provide FSC and ISO-certified tubes tailored to your specifications. Utilizing recyclable materials and cutting-edge technology, we bring your designs to life. Choose from over 100 case options to inspire your packaging journey, with our engineers ready to assist you every step of the way.

Butt Joint Tube

Stumpfverbundene Rohre

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Telescope Tubes

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One Piece Tubes

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Sieb- und Schüttelrohr

Sifter and Shaker Tubes

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Pushup Tubes

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Certificate Tubes

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Papierdosen mit Membrandeckel

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Tinplate Lid Paper Cans

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Rectangle Tube Box

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Window Die-Cut Tubes

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UCPACK, individuelle Pappröhre, Oval Gift Box Set

Ovale Form

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If you have something different and brand-new mold from above, our experienced engineering team is always ready to start discussing with details provided NDA is signed off.

Butt Joint Tube

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Are your tubes made out of 100% environment-friendly material, even glue?

Our printed cardboard tube is made out of 100% plastic-free cardboard, completely biodegradable and recyclable.
Glue contains no heavy metal.
If food-grade paper, we can proceed with soybean ink for paper cans.

What sizes can you make?

We can manufacture the tubes from a maximum inner diameter is 480mm to a minimum inner diameter is 12mm. If none of the sizes above fits your requirement, please further email us.

What tubes can be used for?

Our cardboard tubes are used for a wide range of industries, such as cosmetics packaging, spice packaging, and beer packaging. Rose packaging and any other industry.

What styles UCPACK can provide for printed cardboard tubes?

JA! We can provide a wide range of custom cardboard tubes to fit your packaging needs. Like die-cut window paper tubes, carrier round boxes, oval shape boxes, rectangle tube boxes, push-up tube boxes, usw. Please email us for a full catalog of tube packaging boxes.