Founded in 2015, We have diligently kept our passion as a pioneer in expanding tube packaging market share in the packaging industry and adhering to client-driven growing rules.

In 2015 when a full facility of round tube packaging ready, founder Bond Lin and his partner Ann Yan sensed the opportunity to establish a plant, to meet the tremendously growing needs of packaging tubes. Although we were a small team with 20 workers, our turnaround was over 1 million US dollars for the first year with a capacity of over 3 million printed tubes.

Founders always believe in dedicated and responsible staff is our strength, instead of facility or system. Anyone who takes initiative should be highly appraised and prized even it turns out not successful. We put “happiness is work, work is happiness” into each worker’s mind. From concept to final shipping, our quality management system (QMS) is driven by a culture of continuous improvement supported by our team.

UCPACK, individuelle Pappröhre, history
UCPACK, individuelle Pappröhre, history, From our beginnings to present-day

From our beginnings to present-day

Heute, we still adhere to the mission “Just make a better tube” like a sculpturer although we have many chances to expand our other packaging boxes. Through acquisition and organic growth, we have significantly expanded our technology on improvement of our capacity and implemented new policy of quality control on providing custom packaging tubes. We are passionate about our ability to constantly evolve and live up to the reputation as a leader in tube packaging industry in Dongguan.

Meeting your packaging needs for every industry

Over years as a tube packaging provider, we have expanded upon our capabilities to provide tube packaging solutions and designs to growing customer products companies around mainly in the USA and European market. We create custom packaging tubes for a variety of industries, including:

Personal Care and Beauty Consumer Electronics

Nahrungsmittel und Getränke, Retail,Wein, and Spirits, Mailing

UCPACK, individuelle Pappröhre, history, Meeting your packaging needs for every industry

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