UCPACK proved the perfect supplier for ALTSOL’S 420 Influencer box

UCPACK collaborated with the top of famous branding ALTSOL to produce an awesome printed paper tube launching a big sale during 420 cannabis festival all across the United States

The Problem

The ALTSOL wanted UCPACK to produce 180000pcs divided into four different sizes of tubes with a high-quality requirement and finish within a month. They only had designs but open to different sorts of paper and finishes. It was up to UCPACK to offer several options with nicely finished and eye-catching for them.Meanwhile, the project’s lead time is very short, only a month before 420. And 1.5cm inner diameter is a big challenge to manufacture and tin cap covering we have never met before.

The Outcome

The UCPACK team spared no effort on sourcing various papers and resources to support this project. It delivered three options of papers with holographic foiled and 0.15mm complicated lines of leaf to be hot stamped perfectly on the package. We also make the tube with tin capped with a tube diameter less than 10mm, while we are also striving for 7mm for the air-tight tin plug, which will be the bottleneck of our tube package.for air tight tin capped, which technically will be bottleneck of our tube package.

UCPACK, custom cardboard tube, ALTSOL CANNABIS


ALTSOL is one of the biggest distributors in the cannabis business since 2015 and manufacture packages locally. Using a standard paper packaging box over four years, Altsol needs an elegant new look to strengthen the brand. Finally, ALTSOL decided to proceed with tubes after deep thought on both budgets and customer preference. But we have come into several production challenges:

1.Tin’s gold color almost identical to the gold foiled stamp as we have to adjust the printing color of tin, requiring an extremely printing technology. 2.Tin cap is only 12mm diameter already beyond practical scope both of the facility and the mold, thousands of hours we have spent on tackling the issue. 3.That complicated logo to be raised on the gold tin pushes us to reach up into a high technical ability level 4.That fully covered with gold-foiled letters and complicated leaves brings us to make plates more precisely by creating 0.15mm lines to be clearly and ideally presented on the free-sulfide black paperboard.

UCPACK, custom cardboard tube, ALTSOL CANNABIS
UCPACK, custom cardboard tube, ALTSOL CANNABIS


UCPACK, custom cardboard tube, ALTSOL CANNABIS
UCPACK, custom cardboard tube, ALTSOL CANNABIS


Ucpack fulfills commitment from brand new package alternatives to mass production within a month. The communication during the project was efficient and smooth both between ALTSOL,Ucpack, and the supplier of tin. Dozens of tests to meet clients’ needs bring the project into life and finish on time. We get more tubes, and other packages project from ALTSOL. Efficient discussion, diligent work, brilliant idea, and complete facility makes Ucpack convince ALTSOL to run faster and grow bigger.

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