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Cardboard tubes, often overlooked and discarded, are remarkably repurposed and can be used in practical ways. There are literally hundreds of ways to use cardboard mailing tubes and other types of tubes. All you need is a creative mind and a bit of time on your hands. 

We will share a few amazing ideas (because we can’t share hundreds of ideas with you). And you will be saving all your cardboard tubes from trash and looking for cardboard tubes for sale for your amazing projects and uses.

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14 Uses of Cardboard Tubes

1. Organizing Cables and Wires

Tangled cables and wires can be a nightmare to sort through. Enters: cardboard tubes –just label each tube, thread your cables through, and enjoy a tidy, tangle-free drawer (you can even decorate your tube with paint or drawings—no need for fancy wire organizers. 

2. Seed Starters for Gardening

Cardboard tubes can be transformed into biodegradable seed starters. Cut them into small sections, fill them with soil and seeds, and plant them directly into the ground. 

3. Bird Feeders

Who doesn’t like watching birds in their garden or porch? Everyone does. So, with a bit of peanut butter and birdseed, cardboard tubes can become bird feeders. Spread peanut butter on the outside, roll in birdseed, and hang them up.

4. Children’s Crafts

If you have kids or even a little buddy who you love dearly, you can use cardboard tubes to bond with them. Just look for mailing tubes for saleget some tubes, and use them to build different things like rockets, binoculars, kaleidoscopes, and vases.

5. Desk Organizers

Cardboard tubes can be cut and glued together to create custom desk organizers. Store pens, pencils, and other stationery neatly, keeping your workspace clutter-free –don’t forget to decorate it according to the theme of your desk.

6. Gift Packaging

For a unique and eco-friendly gift presentation, use cardboard tubes as packaging. Decorate the outside with paint, wrapping paper, or fabric to create a personalized gift box. You can pack anything in it, from jewelry to money and from keychain to makeup –the options are unlimited. 

7. Pet Toys

Cats and small animals love cardboard tubes –they love to scratch and play with them. So what you can do is that you can cut them in different shapes and keep your toys busy for hours.

8. Noise Makers

Perfect for celebrations, cardboard tubes can be filled with rice or beans and sealed to create simple noise makers. Decorate the outside for a festive touch. You can use these on birthdays, parties, games, etc. 

9. Wall Art and Decorations

Create stunning wall art by cutting cardboard tubes into rings and arranging them in artistic patterns. Paint and glue them to a canvas or directly on the wall for a fantastic art piece. But, if you are thinking about where to buy cardboard tubes? Then head to UCPACK and order some according to your requirements.

10. Custom Stamps

Make your stamps by cutting shapes of cardboard tubes and then stick a piece of cardboard on top of it so that you can easily use it. Dip them in paint or ink, and you have custom stamps for cards, wrapping paper, or artwork.

11. Homemade Fire Starters

Fill cardboard tubes with dryer lint and wax to make effective fire starters. You can store them in a jar or airtight bags so that you can use it for camping or bonfire. 

12. Storage for Plastic Bags

We all have a shopping bag at home with hundreds of other shopping bags, right? And it becomes so difficult to take out one bag at a time because whenever we try this, all other shoppers fall out. So, to help you with keeping your shopping bags organized, you can roll them and stuff them into the cardboard tube and pull out one from the below whenever needed –just like a tissue dispenser. 

13. Play Tunnels for Pets

If you have pets then you can get some cardboard tubes for them to play in. pets like hamsters, cats and guinea pig loves to explore tunnels. Join some tubes and make a labyrinth (like the one in The Office) to make their playground.

14. Kaleidoscope

You know that pretty toy with mirrors and beads that transport us to the galaxy? You can paste mirrors inside the cardboard tube and close it from one side with a mirror and fill with sequins and sparkly beads –then peak inside it to experience magic.

If you love these 15 ideas but don’t have the tubes and are wondering where to buy mailing tubes?Then we suggest you contact us (UCPACK) and order some according to size requirements –then use them for whatever purpose you want!


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