4 Keep Roses

The one-for-all and all-in-one package design

4KR(4keep roses) had several packaging ideas to pack their roses both in variety of colors and sizes, by categorizing them with different festival-oriented purposes in a displayed box to hold 6roses, 12 roses, 18 roses and 24 roses.

The Problem

4KR is a new brand of Preserved Roses distributed over hundreds of 7 eleven shops around USA. They came out with lots of roses in colors and materials trying to launch the market with a completely new look. A list of  category of 1 rose,6 roses,12 roses, 18 roses and 24 roses combined with different colors is presented in a displayed box on the small Checkout counters, a big challenged is made.


  • Transparent cap is either too easy to fall out or too tight to open, the paper tube not firmly sticky to the plastic cap.
  • Sponge inside the tubes not easy to controlled its diameter within 0.1mm, we have to test a lot of times on mold to figure out a perfect      and smooth way to push out sponge and push back into back paper tube.
  • Flaps inside the black paper tube has to be molded perfectly inside there is no white margin or overlap happened.
  • PDQ diecut holes have to be precisely in case the roses tubes not easy to take out, nor roses ”rocket” inside.
4 Keep Roses


4KR needed one premium package design to be hold at least 24 roses in 7-eleven on a small checkout desk instead of a huge 4 layers and one meter high cardboard stand.  A singular displayed box has 2 separate and flexible layers when one of layer’s roses sold out, the other one can be mostly preserved. Both layers can be flat-packed before shipment to save air freight. We brought up with packaging ideas while we had a face-to-face discussion in the café of Renaissanece Harbour View Hotel HongKong during chaos period and finalized solution.

The protection of displayed counter was also crucial as roses have to treated carefully during shipment. A easy-open and strong lid within a budget is a big challenge.

We also need to figure out a way to keep roses away from any damage even shipping box upsidedown.  All steps from rose packaging to   shipment and displayed, we need to foresee and double considerate all issues could happen and setup a prototype to test.

To enhance 4KR trademark, we need to think of a brand new look and feel unboxing experience with a totally different premium look and feel annually.

4 Keep Roses
4 Keep Roses


Based on client requests, the Ucpack team started to create several packaging solutions to layout roses by communicating effectively with the transparent cap and sponge supplier.

Transparent tube supplier facilitated a new aluminum mold to make cap less than 0.1mm and cap diameter 0.1mm smaller to close tighter and material changed to make paper tube and pvc tube attached to each other in heated or cold environment  for over months.

Sponge supplier adjust the volume to slow down the speed of forming. In this way, sponge can keep in good shape under 1mm off. Also, they figured out a new solution to change tube shape into “flower”, it looks stunning and take out much easier.

4KR figured out a solution to make two separate layers of PDQ. And Ucpack follow up with diecut line and  make double printing to make whole PDQ looks much attractive.

After a whole set of package with carton drop test, we facilitated a new set of assembling line to make bottom of paper tube perfectly smooth without any visible die cut underneath paper.

4 Keep Roses
4 Keep Roses5


4KR’s supplier in Colombia received boxes in good condition and tested packaging. Here is still an extra issue we ignored:  Top shipping cover and PDQ sealed together by tape turned out not strong enough after testing. We replaced cover with lid and base two layers of shipping boxes for protection.

Two layers of roses are a big sale with fabulous designs.4KP brand enhanced and recognized by customers. Thoughtful insights and details focuses make roses preserved in good condition from plant to the stores. We are grateful for 4KR’s trust and happy team work.

Now we are working on new packaging solution to make roses popup when box open, and lift up and down of roses inside the tubes boxes.

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